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Artigiani Pizzeria Cucina
Rue St-Denis

Another night, another restaurant...thank god, i train at the Gym or id be 300 pounds with all these restaurants i eat at! Second thing is that i should learn how to cook...it would save me so much money but that would mean that id have to stop writing reviews on restaurants, so ill choose the latter for now!

Back to the review, its a rainy thursday night, and my friends and I planned a get together at Artigiani. I've been here before and really liked my experience but it was a set meal, this time...were ordering off the menu and im curious to see if the food can live up to the hype of my expectations and all the reviews below (and above me).

First we ordered five entrees, 2 arancinis, a cold cut entree, a sausage plate and a shrimp platter, everything cooked perfectly and very tasty. The tomate sauce on the bottom of the arancini was amazing..wow.

Good start! Now for dinner....all four of us ordered different plates and decided we would share, but to tell you the truth, i was so stuffed that i was a little disapointed that i wont be able to try everything but i pushed through a piece of each of the two pizzas that were sitting there, helped myself to some of the Seafood pasta and gnocchi rose...both impressed and both cooked al dente the way it should be.

Now, dessert was ready but i certainly wasnt (so full at this point), but i did my best and struggled to get something down and let me tell you, that zepolli made it easy. With that sweet cheese on top of it (ricotta?) and a coat of honey on it, this was a dessert lover's dream. The other dessert was a home-Made Tiramisu but failed to impress our already full stomachs so it basically stayed there uneaten.

I have really nothing negative to say about this restaurant, because although the food is not the best italian ive ever tasted, it is very good and has been consistant since i first dined there (1 month after they opened). Besides the food, service has always been friendly and attentive, the atmosphere fun and lively, the prices very reasonable and its a cute & cozy little place to spend a nice time with friends or a romantic dinner with a loved one.

St.Denis St. and Italian Food make a perfect couple at Artigiani's!

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12 mar, 2012
Moishes Steakhouse
Boul. St-Laurent/Main

I always wanted to review Moishes because if you look at my past reviews, i do visit alot of Steak houses so why not review the grand daddy of all steak houses MOISHES!!

Times have changed on the Main; restaurants have come and gone, peoples tastes have changed and money just isnt that available as much like in the older days when Moishes was striving on St.Laurent.

No knock on them because while alot has changed in Montreal's busiest strip, Moishes hasnt...service is still professional, food is still upscale and the steak is still one of the best in the city.

Always served by itself on a white plate, you know that steak wants company of some sides which are extra (of course) so expect your bill to be pricey because it will be! So this is worth it? Yes.

For myself, Moishes is something of an event like a wedding, you dont go to many but when you do, you wanna look good (ok, Not a suit, just nice casual)and that extra money you saved can go to a great meal!!

Of my 3-4 times ive dined there, i have to say that besides the steak which is excellent..the rest you find here (like chicken, fish etc) is just as good. Sure, you can dine elsewhere for cheaper but then again, your not eating at Moishes. Some people would say that they dont care about "names", but ill have to disagree because this is a landmark and should be respected as one! Chessy statement? Maybe but true...

Update: A Friend has told me that now Moishes offers the whole menu at 50% after 9pm to attract younger clients which tend to eat later or before going out to the bars and clubs...this is a great way for Moishes to introduce their food to a new generation of customers!

So to conclude this review, if it aint broken, dont fix it and thats what Moishes is known for, excellent food at expensive prices, but quality is NOT cheap but now that they have this special after 9pm, a few more visits to Moishes will be in order!

Food: 4/5 Service 4/5 Decor: 3/5

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07 mar, 2012
Pizzalinni da Francesca

So it looks like this is my 30th review and that automatically makes me a "PRO" member on Restomontreal.ca and off that middle ground of being an "ACTIVE" member for so long and what restaurant gets that privilage of being the big 30th review?? Yeah, you guessed it, PIZZALINNI!!!

Kinda funny but right at the same time...

Ive dined at many restaurants in my life...expensive, cheap, posh and over the top but when it comes down to what i really LIKE...like good ol' honest comfort food, the best place to find it is simply at...Yes, PIZZALINNI!!

If you look at my rating for this restaurant, i gave it 5 stars for the type of food they are serving and its price range...i wont compare it too a high end burger joint or an expensive italian pizza eatery, but for the quality of food they serve and prices they charge, Pizzalinni definitely deserve top marks on that!

Its been over 10 years ive been going there and the food has always been consistant and amazing from the fries, to the gogo salad which is so delicious and reminds me salads ive eaten at Cafe Milanos in St.Leonard (which is a HUGE compliment) to the PIZZA thats surprisingly light but packed with flavor!!

Okok, now if your from the west island, your probably saying to yourself "Is he serious....Pizzalinni??" Yes i really mean it!!

Maybe you havent went in a while, or you just forgot about it but if your a west islander, take my advice and Re-discover it again!! Other Franchise "diners" on des sources blvd, and st johns are good but take another 5 minutes and go on St.charles and visit Pizzalinni...a place thats so underrated that it amazes me that its not mentioned more because the food is very good!

Friendly and easy-going service, Simple decor, and a confortable relaxing place to be even if its quiet. Dont want to sit down and eat?
No problem, bring the taste of PL home!!

Yeah, i know its sounds like i own the place or something and i apologize for that but PL has always been one of those places that brings back those memories of after school eats, after hockey meals and double dates with friends, but now that im older...things have changed but at least, the food at PL has always stayed the same!!

So like i said, try it out or re-discover it again....you'll be glad you did!

Great..its 5:00pm and im hungry for that salad now!! ;)

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06 mar, 2012
Greasy Spoon

The last few months, ive discovered a great way to go to different restaurants across the city that i normally would never go to and eating for pretty cheap....that way has been from all these group buying websites that are offer 50% off (or more) on deals with restaurants, spas and more services in the city!

In this day and age in Montreal and elsewhere, deals like this are everywhere...all you need is too be a member and you get daily deals emailed to you...pretty simple no? Yep!

*Let me state i dont work for ANY website that offers these services, im just a normal stock broker and accountant!

So when i came across a Greasy Spoon deal on this particular website at a great price for two people consisting of 2 entrees, 2 main courses, and 2 desserts...i quickly clicked and bought it, printed out the coupon and made reservations.

When we got there, the place was rockin with young professionals like myself and great 80's music like the Cult, U2, Alphaville blaring in the background....great start! (and we havent eaten yet!)

Service was good though 4 different waiters served us so we didnt get that personal touch but nothing to complain about because everything went smooth!

Ok, yes yes the food....For entrees, All 4 of us shared the entrees which consisted of Salmon Tartare with Arugula (Very good), Goat cheese Balls coated with nuts (salty but delicious), Calamari (too salty, greasy and very small portion), and the chicken wings (AMAZING!)

Great start, now the main courses..

The beef tartare was tasty and my dish of the beef shank in poletta was seriously one of the BEST dishes ive eaten in a while...wow, 45 minutes later, i could taste that goodness in my mouth and so wanted more of it the next day, YES..thats how good it was. Fall off the bone tenderness, maple sweet flavour and cooked perfectly!

My other friends both took the bavette and they were not impressed, i wasnt either...i didnt try it but it looked dry and bland and was told it was overcooked but they liked the fries!

I personally dont like Bavette, a tough and thin meat and very easy to overcook but its on the menu so i guess its a good seller!

So there u have it, a cool place to hang out, drink and eat with good looking people and besides a minor problem with one dish...Greasy spoon is worth trying over and over again!


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06 mar, 2012

Before i start my review on Shekz, let me just say that i like the place..never really had a bad experience there, but there are some minor things that make me not want to go as often even if i gave them a 4-star rating.

In Defence of this Shekz, Many people have strongly disagreed with me about my feelings about this restaurant. (No, its nothing personal!)

Being a former east-ender, i have been at many private parties at Shekz and have dined there at least 10 times with friends and family already and so far, each time my dining experience has been good and the service amazing...

Ok, your probably thinking now "Whats his problem with Shekz then? For me, its the food, it can be un-consistant at times. The szechwuan plates though good can be very salty at times (but i know people who like that), the sushi is good but rolls are small and much too expensive compared to Sushi places across the city and the italian plates that ive eaten have been just normal and nothing to go crazy about.

Basically some plates are delicious and some are tasty but not exciting, i never know which one im getting so every plate can be a hit or just normal (but too their defense, its never been bad!) and the prices are not cheap for a szechwuan fusion restaurant.

Shekz as well is not located in the best of areas, forget scenery, your surrounded by garages, companies and Shekz is in a commercial building but inside the resto, the decor is very impressive and modern.

So to recap, Service is excellent, Decor is nice, it has a romantic setting, food is good, sushi is good and but can be better, and the prices are VERY expensive, sometimes too much for what you get, but most of what you get is good so you cant really complain that much!

Yes, i would admit this is one of my most confusing reviews ever...but listen, i do like Shekz. I just dont think about ever dining there unless we have an event to go too or if we have a couples night that my gf would organize!

On the record: My Gf really likes this restaurant!

That being said, i still recommend you going there and taste what they have to offer! Many of my personal friends love this place as do alot of the reviewers here so i might be in the minority right now but i still stick to my review!

Enjoy! :)

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06 mar, 2012
Jukebox Burgers & Bar Laitier

Based on word of Mouth and reviews on other sites about JUKEBOX, im surprised there is not many on here, isnt Restomontreal.ca the mecca of Restaurant reviews? Well of course it is, i just guess with only a year under its belt, Jukebox is still too new on the scene!!

So let me just start off this review and say that I like Jukebox, but there are some minor problems with the restaurant that i feel must be addressed.

One thing that i cant complain about is the food, ive dined there over 10 times and despite what i hear from other people who put down this place or complained...food for me has always been good; my burgers always well cooked & tasty, fries crispy, Salads fresh & HUGE, my mac and cheese always hot, fresh & cheesy. The Milkshakes always milky, tasty and thick.

So whats my beef? (sorry the pun) The Service is one of them, and although its been good and friendly, it can be unprofessional AND uneven at times but thats not ALL the servers fault, its more the people who do the payroll...the owners and managers.

7 out of the 10 times ive waited very long just to see a waiter on the floor, nevermind getting served...we kinda have a joke about Jukebox like we could leave and noone would ever notice that were gone! (and its been times that we couldve!)

MESSAGE TO OWNERS: HIRE MORE STAFF ON THE FLOOR because ive seen the place very busy and the young staff going crazy trying to keep up because it was sooo busy.

Less staff can lead to bad service, food being cold, and people getting fustrated BUT lucky for me, the food has always been top quality but i would take this as an advice for the future.

Another thing that i would caution people with is the prices, its not cheap...Burgers (for Adults) can go to 20$+ each with additions if your not careful. Usually for two people...you'll probably be spending 60$++ for food, drinks, tax and tip.

This is not your ordinary fast Food burger Joint or Deli, This is downtown's "MBurger" little cousin thats wrapped up in a 50's decor and theme!

Is that a bad thing though? Not really...as long as the food stays this good!

Food 3 and a half / 5 Service: 2/5

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25 aug, 2011

Till now, my reviews have all been pretty much positive which is great, i just hate giving any restaurant a bad review & rating but when you get subpar food or service , you should always say it like it is!

Luckly Elixor gets the same treatment as my other postive reviews because the service, food and vibe are still impressive after all these years its been opened!!

Now, i've been to Elixor many times since it opened at Centropolis and i never really thought to review it because well, its become somewhat popular now and even branching out (they opened in the west island a couple of months back) and most of the people i know have dined there already so why waste my time when everyone knows how the food is....true, but i feel some credit is due for this restaurant and maybe to refresh your memory if you havent been there in a while or if you've never been there, well here is my review on Elixor..

Visited Elixor on a rainy Sunday night and like everytime i go, the place is pretty much hopping with groups, couples and families...so we get seated by a smiling hostess then followed up shortly by another smiling waiter who provides great professional service like ive always gotten at Elixor.

Now the food, i ordered my favorite thing on the menu (which resembles more like a book than a menu) the Pork Loin with Wasabi Mashed potates, Stir Fry vegetables and two fried asperagas to dress up the plate, my partner had the chiken sandwich (something) with Cabatta bread and a salad...both hits!!

My pork was cooked perfectly and the potates awesome, just the fried asperagas was cold and pretty bland, its really just a minor detail but it really shouldnt be hanging around that amazing dish.

My Partners sandwich and fries were pretty much all devoured leading me to think she enjoyed it :)!! Salad was good, not great....problem with Elixor is the over-dressing of their salads. It wasnt that bad, but it didnt need all that dressing. Remember..LESS IS MORE!!

Especially the menu which is seriously too big and has too many choices, i would totally trim some stuff off this food bible!

But other than that, Elixor has remained the same in every aspect and maybe thats why they are such a success after all these years, the food and service is always GREAT & CONSISTANT...Two important words that many resturants should work at everyday in becoming!!

4/5 for food & service!

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15 aug, 2011
Mikasa Sushi Bar

Ladies and Gentleman,
I want to say Congradutions to Mikasa & Myself, we have been with together for over 8 years and, let me tell you..it was love at first sight! This is a sushi love affair thats been going on for a long time since their first location on L'acadie and Sauve opened, then the love continued at their new location in Laval's Centropolis!

When you walk in the laval location, you'll notice that the place is stunning from the Amazing decor, the actual size of the place, the high ceilings, and most importantly, the perfect lightning...great for a romantic dinner or chillin with friends.

Now the food, no surprise for you people reading this...Mikasa in my opinion, is one of the best spots to have sushi and ive been everywhere in the city (60 places and counting) from east to west.

Ive tasted bad sushi, enjoyed good sushi, paid for great sushi, but at Mikasa...ive experienced the best of the best!

If you love Sushi, your pretty loyal to "your" place and i get it, but of all the sushi places ive been too, Mikasa takes the cake for freshness, actual taste and presentation.

My favorites: Dynamite, La Sirene, Montreal, Spicy Salmon, Lobster roll, Sushi Pizza, and a few off their chef specialities...always tasty and consistant!

Yes, the downside of Mikasa is the price, i mean with wine and sushi for two without going all out can run you at almost 200$++...but i dont to Mikasa often because of that reason, but when i do...i dont care about counting pennies,i pretty much order what i want!

Sometimes you gotta pay extra for quality.

Trust me, Mikasa is a taste bud party in your mouth!!

Now, the service that i see alot of people complaining is something i cant comment on, but everytime ive dined there (maybe 50-60 times in 8 years) my service has always been great. On the other hand, getting your meal or sushi can be slow for sure...But i feel for amazing food, its definitely worth the wait no matter what!!

FOOD: 4 and a half - 5 DECOR 5/5 - SERVICE 4/5

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10 aug, 2011
Kanda Sushi

Ive been to Kanda sooo many times but NEVER did i think about writing a review for this restaurant because its well....KANDA, but after reading all these mixed reviews on the place, i felt i had too!

Like i said ive eaten at Kanda many times and lets be serious, its really just ok when your in the mood for a cheap sushi fix, i really dont know what people expect from this restaurant. First off, if your looking for great service, forget about it, it'll be just ok unless your lucky!...BUT (i repeat) its an all you can eat sushi place!!

Everything about this restaurant is Ordinary to good from the sushi rolls to the food menu to the service BUT the price is great and sometimes you gotta sacrifice having something you love but paying cheaper for it!!

Ive been to high class sushi restaurants and seriously came out of there with a hefty 200+ bill (and sometimes still hungry), and then there's KANDA where i come out totally stuffed, satisfied (but not raving) for less than 60$.

So there you have it, the sushi is good, not great...the service is ok, the food comes out fast which is great because your usually really hungry if you go to KANDA (or any all you can eat) and that should be the only reason to come to Kanda...you want SUSHI and YOU WANT IT FAST!!!

Unless the waitress or waiter actually insults you, or the food looks or tastes gross...you really shouldnt complain!!

But that's my opinion....so pls, if you reply to this, make it nice :)

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02 aug, 2011
Enoteca Monza Pizzeria Moderna

The Months of May, June and July has been a restaurant bonanza for me, visting over 20 different places during that span from low end treats to high end eats and some weak ones...and Mozza was one of them.

The problem with Mozza isnt that its a bad restaurant, it actually quite good but its so inconsistant in that i never know what to expect, sometimes it can be ok, sometimes very good & other times a terrible experience. I can say that because ive been to Mozza plenty of times in laval & a few times in the west island & my experience has always been different. (though west island has always been better in food and service the majority of times)

So how can i review Mozza in a fair way, ok lets go back to my last visit there last week, its a Friday night..place was hopping, i had reservations with another couple & we waited for 20 min to get them to clear a table, hostess was nice & apologized many times. Finally when we got our table, it took us a good 30 min to get served & when we did, we felt rushed to order, thank god we already knew what we wanted. We never got our wine bottle after asking it for twice, when it finally arrived...it spilled while she uncorked it. (not a big deal! Just giving you the play by play) Food arrived a while later and again, mediocre pasta, cooked good but very bland, strange considering that there was so much going on in the plate as in ingredients.

The Pizza that they are "famous" for was good, i really dont wanna be a baby but it was not well done like i asked for but wtv, it tasted fine.

The other couple seemed to enjoy their meatballs & octapus along with their pizza so i cant say anything bad about their experience.

To finish off the meal, we actually wanted to try their desserts but mozza being so busy at this point and the servers not even close to acknowleging us, we knew that we were not even gonna get a dessert menu or rundown or a coffee, so we chilled a bit more and finally got up and succeeded to trackdown our waitress to ask for the bill.

So now you can make up your own conclusion about Mozza after reading this review but this time thankfully, food was good, service was non-excistent, atmosphere was very cool and all in all, a satisfactory dinner (without dessert).

Its just that i expect more from Mozza than just satisfactory, but hey, the place is always busy so i guess they must be doing something right!

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27 jul, 2011

After 25 years of this restaurant being opened, not one review here? So Either people have never dined here before or Natalino's owners just joined restomontreal.ca, so ill go the obivious and say its the second!

I havent been to this restaurant in a while and i finally went back in November'10 after dining there in the summer and being Novemeber..it was smack in the beginning of hard winter season so no terrasse, no scenic view and no sangria but i was in Dorval and my collegues already had made reservations at Natalino's, so i gladly joined them!

Listen, lets be straight...Natalino's is not a "trendy" or "cool" place to hang out or people watch and the decor is a bit old school but its homey, has great service and the food is spot on, besides being there in the summer last year and going back again the winter, ive been there maybe 5 times already before that with family and friends and the food has always been consistant, not one my favorite restaurants but i could see this being a favorite for others.

Everything i go there, ive had their penne arrabiata and Lamb chops and for 5 years since, the sauce remains the same, pasta cooked al dente and the lamb chop is always cooked perfectly..so what can i ask for more!!

I will definitly go back this summer if im in the area, its situated in a nice area and they have a great terrasse, and this time..i will try something different to get a better idea of whats happening in the kitchen with their other plates!

Congraduations to Natalinos for 25 years+....a rare thing these days!

Food: 3 1/2 stars (out of five) Service: 4 Stars Decor: 3 Stars

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27 jul, 2011
Table 51

Being a Laval guy, I always wanted to check out Table 51 for a while now and always shopping at Carrefour Laval (which the restaurant is attached too) and hearing great reviews from friends, i decided that i was due to dine there very soon.

So when 3 friends of mine asked me for a suggestion in laval, I quickly answered Table 51….a bit of a risk since ive never dined there and they know how much of a critic I am about restaurants but I was sure it couldn’t be that bad!!

First thing you notice when you walk into the place..its very impressive. Big, Spacious and very modern. We asked for the terrasse which was very busy (Montrealers all take advantage of nice weather in the city, doesn’t happen often) but after sitting down for about 15 minutes, we finally got the menu, another 15 minutes passed to get our order down, another 20 minutes to get our appetizer and drinks, then another 30 minutes to get our main course, I know it sounds bad but it was ok because we were in a group and we were enjoying our time together BUT if your impatient and very hungry…you might be a little disappointed.

Service was good but very slow, and we got served by (no joke) 5 different waiters and waitresses which made no sense…I understand that everyone has to work together but how can you even get a little personal with your server if its always someone different.

Now your asking, ok…so how was the food?? Actually very good though I must say the menu doesn’t have much choices which is ok with me (more fresh!) but I didn’t go crazy for the choices that they did offer. So looking at the menu, I chose the Pork loin which came with a sweet potato puree, both were cooked perfectly…a great choice! One of my friends had the pasta of the day and she enjoyed it, my two other friends had the lamb burgers and the ruben burger/sandwich which they both enjoyed and the portions were very generous.

So to sum it all up, Trendy & Modern place, Service while nice and sincere is pretty slow, Food is very good and besides the sandwiches, it can be a little expensive (I just said a little!), and last the menu doesn’t have many choices but what they do have judging from my night there is very good!

Table 51….one place you must try at least once!

Food: 4 stars (out of five) Service: 2 ½ Stars (for the wait only) Place: 4 stars

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26 jul, 2011
Okane Sushi Bar

Now this is funny, Ive visited this sushi restaurant in the south shore for over 40 times in the last 5-6 years and I never thought about of writing a review on it, well…I guess now is the time!

Ok, now your thinking, if I ate at Okane that many times, I just have to love it….and your absolutely right BUT there are some things that I would change…many are not deal-breakers but more like suggestions to you, the consumer on what to choose and what to expect to when you go there! Also, if the owners do read this review, maybe some suggestions as well for you to change a few things to keep this sushi place going on for much longer!

Lets start off with the most important thing, the food and the sushi. First the non-sushi menu, ok so besides the Green Salad (Just ask for it, amazing!) and the spring rolls, everything else is pretty much standard mediocre Chinese food, so just put the food menu down and concentrate on the well priced sushi menu only, i mean....isn’t that why you’re here in the first place?

Since I don’t have much space to tell you about all the rolls, ill just tell you that they are BIG, at least twice the size of any sushi restaurants you’ve ever visited…I just love it when I bring someone new to Okane and they have that same expression on their face when they see the sushi!!

But is big better? I would say no, but for some reason….Okane does it right, the flavor of every sushi is spot on, rice is perfect, and the makis are rolled tightly!

My pick: The sunny (fried, no fish), Kamakazie, Spicy Tuna BUT the rest is still great!

Unfortunately, there some MINOR things I would love to see the place change, 1: after 5 years, they still play that same annoying classical cd which gets to be on the border of cheesy sometimes! 2: the place needs a minor revamp, new paint on the walls, something a little more modern, the décor is totally stuck in the 80’s and last, like I mentioned, the regular food menu needs a change…its not bad, but not great either!

So even after all that, I still give this restaurant a 4 stars (on sushi only), 2 ½ stars on the regular menu, 2 stars on décor, and last 4 stars on service (very family like, different!)

In conclusion, in the south shore? Hungry for sushi? Go to Okane…you’ll love it!!

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26 jul, 2011
Da Lillo

Problem: i have 30$, im starving, want a cool and good place to dine with friends AND dont want to eat cheap fast food!

Solution: Da Lillos, Da Lillos, DA LILLOS!! :)

Yep, its that good...i wont go into great detail about every aspect about this restaurant because its so casual that even if the food wasnt that great, id still like the ambiance! (but the food is that good!)

Ok, im not gonna praise everything about the restaurant, there are some things on the menu i totally wasn't impressed with including the pizza which was soggy and bland...your better off going to a place that specializes in pizza. This restaurant is all about pasta and meat meat and more meat!!

Every piece of meat i tasted including the pork, lamb, chicken, quail and steak was delicious and cooked perfectly.

The sides (fries, rappini, salads) were amazing as well.

Service was very good and attentive but i tend to go to restaurants when their less busy, 9 of 10 times the food and service is ALWAYS better. Also i know that on Fridays and Saturdays it can be hard getting a table, noise levels are high and service is slower but we're in Montreal...this has to be expected right?

I read some of the bad reviews below and i must say i had the total opposite experience at Di Lillo's and this was not the first time ive dined there...i'd have to say since it opened, ive been there over 10 times and never had a problem with anything besides small things like the pizza not being that great and a waitress dropping some wine on me by mistake!

Take my recommendation and visit Da Lillo's, go on a off night (mon, tues, weds, thurs)first and see what you think, even comment on my review if you have too...you will not be dissapointed!

...and last on my last visit, my bill did come to less than 30$ with tip!! :)

Cheers! :)

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11 may, 2011
Scarolie's Pasta Imporium (Scarolies)

Going out with a west island girl for a year now, ive dined at many restaurants around the area & i must say, there is not many i like & being an italian from the east, that includes pretty much all the italian restos except for 2 that were ok (wont mention names, dont want people to think im supporting or working for them) & one that i really liked.

Scarolies is certainly not one of them! So by the looks of the packed room...i guess im the minority in my opinion because driving by this place many times ,it always seems to be busy, which puzzles my mind..

ok, i know i was brought up with an Old school italian family cooking and preparing the best in italian food that was fresh and made from scratch so my palete can be a little different from ppl that dont know better but in every plate they cooked had LOVE in it & there is none at Scarolies.

The "Italian" food is not good, the decor is outdated (Italy has evolved, trust me), the menus are old & breaking apart, and last the service is robotic & very slow.

Before i start my review of the food, i will admit that ive been here 3 times already & the last 2 times have disapointed but since my gf seems to like this resto, i gave it another chance..

(UPDATE: After bringing her to some great east end Italian restaurants that ive talked to her about, my gf has realized that Scarolies food is really not that good...thank god)

Ok this time, its sunday, place is half full, & the hot bread arrives, when cutting it, bread crumbs shoot everywhere. Now for ppl that dont know, it means yesterdays bread put back in the oven, & thats a fact.

For entrees HOME MADE SAUSAGE, they must be joking, it tasted frozen store bought and served with mustard (yes mustard!), thats real italian? Thumbs down..

Pasta, the staple of their operation took 2 trips back to get re-cooked, twice undercooked. 3rd time, overcooked & drowned with tomato sauce, i just shut my mouth & ate cause i was at this point hungry, but 15 min later, waitress came back and looked at my plate, saw that i barely ate anything and didnt say a word.

When clearing the table, she offered me a free (pot) coffee which i declined, maybe she felt bad but i was still charged for the meal.

I have nothing against Scarolies personally, im just saying their food is really not good or is real "Italian" fare and sadly has no LOVE in any of their dishes...which is a shame.

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16 mar, 2011
Shô-Dan (Shodan)

Funny, ive been going to this restaurant for over 5 years now and i never reviewed it, but after eating there recently...i decided that maybe now is the time for one..

Let me just begin by saying that im a sushi fanatic but have stopped going to restaurants because of the mercury levels in the sushi (or so they say!). Listen, I was eating sushi maybe 4 to 5 times a week, really not healthy and not great for my wallet either so i decided instead that ill make an event for that one time i go a week now.

Thats where Sho-dan comes in, its one of those one-in-a-while sushi places you should always remember to visit. Now before we get to how the sushi was....i have to say its a really nice place even though it hasnt been renovated in 5 years or more since i first visited it, but it still looks great and modern after that these years!

And i have to also mention that sho-dan a very romantic and cozy setting even if the place is packed, the noise levels are acceptable. I should know, ive always been there when its been busy and its never been a problem hearing or communicating with my gf or big group.

Ok, now for the service...excellent, friendly, honest, and very professional, and very important they are not annoying! Lets just say they will take care of you while your in their care but know when not to bother you when your a deep conversation.

Last and most important, the food!

Sho-dan is one of those sushi places that even if all their sushi chefs would quit or be replaced, the sushi always has that unique taste that i discovered 5 years ago...it never changes which makes it one of my favorite sushi places.

Fresh ingredients, nice presentation and very tasty!

Only knock i would give this place (and its very minor) is their house salad...very bland. messy and dressing is not very good...i would stay away, who wants salad anyways!

Their non-sushi menu is good as well if your guest doesnt like sushi, i would recommend the shrimp and vegatable tampura...wow, my mouth is watering now.

Oh, what about the prices..not cheap but not crazy expensive but if you go easy, two people (with two glasses of wine) should cost you about 120 with tip.

So many more great things to say about this place but not enough space, just take my advice and make a date to visit this place, you will not regret it

All in all


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30 aug, 2010
Boston Pizza

I usually dont review "Chain" restaurants because all they have in their kitchen is easy-to-manage prepared food already done & ready to heat and serve...so bascially what your eating is usually frozen, not fresh, microwaved, or slabbed with alot of "high fat and sodium" sauce to mask the taste....all this prepared by a kitchen staff that really dont know how to cook or dont require any cooking skills.

And Boston pizza is no different, so why am i reviewing Boston Pizza, well because i ate there yesterday and just felt like i had too!

Below is notes on some high and lows about the place...ill make it simple for you!


-Nice ambiance
-Service was actually friendly and fast
-They didnt screw up any orders
-Place is clean
-The drinks tasted fine

Now for the lows

-Food was a mess including..

*The tasteless pizza (which was frozen and re-heated, no doubt...delisso at best with a great oven)

*Chicken wings, cold in the middle and the famous "mystery" sauce on it which tasted expired

*Nachos, i guess they forgot to check the expiry date on the bag

*Teriyaki Chicken thing..an insult to teriyaki restaurants everywhere

*Chicken salad, dry dry chicken that gave me the hiccups right away.

-and the presentation of the food, very sloppy and not pleasant (i took pics, would love to upload them if they had the option!)

So basically you can see that Boston pizza is just a nice place with really bad food, and unless we just stop going..this franchise will be around for more years to come.

Simple math, they make money...they stay open.

For a food-intelligent city like montreal and laval, we should know better especially when they are soo many restaurants to choose just a small walking distance away or better yet, just head back on st.martin blvd and you'll find endless choices to satisfy your hunger.

Listen, i kinda expected the results i got so i wont rip into to BP too hard...it was my fault for accepting to go but its simply bad food thats not really reasonably priced for all the food i left behind...that's it...pointe final!

But come on, you had to know already that BP is not really good...its not that much of a secret anymore!!

My rating 1 on 5
(for service only)

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29 jul, 2010
La Bella Italiana (La Belle Italienne)

Its been a while that i havent written a restaurant review on this site, it could be just plain laziness, but i havent stopped visiting plently of restaurants during that time, so i have alot of catching up to do on my writing!

Ok...so when i was in the east end last week, i visited a cool place in the st.leonard area, a far away place for us west-islanders but i was recommended to go there by a friend who lives in the area and taste their "amazing" wood burning pizza.

So when we arrived on a thursday night, i was pleasently surprised, had a nice ambiance going on, not packed but not quiet....one thing i did feel was a little hot, maybe from the wood burning oven but if you stay away from it, you'll be fine.

I dined in the back area near the windows and temperature was just fine, there was two big screens and a great view of the hockey game but volume was not loud so you can enjoy a great conversation with whomever and catch a glimpse of the action once and a while.

Now, for the service...very casual and inexperinced but very nice and polite but this is a bistro, not Da emma or Cavalli's, so its not really that important!

So waiting for a bit, our 2 appitizers arrived, first was the calamari, which were nicely fried, a little oily but very tasty and portion was very impressive.

Second, we ordered sliders which are like mini hamburgers with meatballs inside, very good, meat was nicely cooked and very satisfying, well just until our pizza arrives of course.

It did right after and boy, did it look great...actually took a picture! Now, did it taste good? To be honest, not the best pizza ive ever tasted (that would have to be in new york's la campagnola) but it would have to be in the top ten, i had the sicilian and my gf had the natural one, just cheese and tomato sauce and put some hot sauce on it, and you got yourself a great tasting pizza!

So all in all, a nice experience and the price was reasonable...not cheap but not overly expensive, will have to come visit again when in the east end again to try more of the other goodies on the menu like the pastas and salads but this is a pizza place so i guess id have to include one of those no matter what i order!

My rating:


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23 nov, 2009
Portus 360

First, i'd like to take a few moments and say that im happy that some restaurants like this one make this option available to customers to comment on their restaurant experience weither it's negative or postitive...some places without this option have something to hide or are too afraid to hear what PAYING clients have to say!

Ok, now that i said my peace...i gotta give you my review on this place and guess what? It's another great review!

The service is professional, fast and best of all, very attentive...a rare trio you dont see much of in Montreal.

The food is impeccable from the fish to the meats and their tapas are to die for! (Grilled octopus and hot cherry tomatoes with goat cheese are my favs!)

The decor is modern and the open kitchen with
the catches of the day displayed on the counter in front of them is very cool and classy.

The Wine list is very good and reasonable if your not in the mood of slurging!

The only minor (and it's REALLY minor) is the bread, very small pieces and dont get much of it..but they'll always refill if you ask in a matter of seconds but like my gf says, places like this do not what you to get stuffed on bread! They want you to enjoy the real food!

..and i must agree!

So there you have it, one of Montreal's most complete restaurant in terms of food, service, decor and ambience.

And reading the reviews located near the bathrooms, im not the only one who agrees!

My rating 5 / 5 (A first!)

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12 sep, 2008

The past few weeks was pretty busy, i visited several different restaurants with friends because i started this food club where once or twice a week, we try out different places and we rate them...of course, we're all together to have a good time as well!

Also there's my girlfriend whom doesnt cook, hence..going to more restaurants as well!

So, i wanted to try heading up to Laval this time and trying out what that city has to offer..we settled on Ottavio's...havent been in that spot since Casa Greque was there before it moved.

So we were 4 guys and 3 girls, and the restaurant was not full but it didnt feel imitating because of the lack of people like some places do...it felt warm and relaxing.

Now, the food...i had to start off with the Calamari of course, actually ordered 3 plates for all of us.

Ok, no the best ones ive ever tasted but they were crunchy, tasty and fried just the way they should be...good job on that.

Pizza, some were hits, some misses...all of them were well cooked but it was tastes that differed for different people. I had the New York pizza, good but a little too salty, my best friend had the Caprina and he announced to all that it was the best pizza he's ever had, wow!!

How can the best pizza in the world not be tried by all? So we all took a bite...it was very good, best in the world..dont know about that but very good!

My gf had the Veg pizza, good stuff...fresh ingredients and looked very nice on the plate...so nice we took a pic of it and it tasted great.

The last person who ordered pizza decided to go for the Americana, now seriously...you gotta be a meat lover to enjoy this pizza, i mean meat balls, bacon, sausages, pepperoni and more....man, this pizza is a deadtrap to people over 60 or on a diet.

But did he like it...i asked him and he gave it a 7/10...he likes the numbers name, not a big talker!

As for the other three people, they had pasta and they all enjoyed it...they werent raving but they were happy and satisfied...and isnt that what it's all about anyways?

This restaurant doesnt claim to be a high end place or top of the line food, it just wants to offer good food and good prices to all it's clients to visit them and thats what they did.

Before i end this, i totally forgot our waiter who gave us great service and always had a smile on his face...filling our wine and getting us partically anything we wanted.

My rating *** 1/2 on 5

Note: Good to see that some restaurants like Ottavio's keep this option open to people who wanna comment on their place...not like some others who dont wanna hear our comments.

Even if it's Negative, that's a way to improve your establishment or make it better.

Too bad, there's many who dont take this option...it should be required to be manitory for all to comment.

Just a thought.

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12 sep, 2008

I have to admit that besides all the good reviews that ive read here about the place..I was still hesitating to go there....i have heard some negative things about the food and the pricing from the people that have went there already.

(Hey, every restaurant has it's bad nights!)

Anyways, i decided to try it one night on a date and i loved the ambience, very modern and the lighting was perfect..made you feel at ease.

Then we ordered, the waiter taking our order was very friendly and most importantly..knowledgeable about the food and wine list...something that other restaurants lack.

Now, the entree's arrived, the calamari was too die for, not as huge as the other reviewed below said it was...but just enough to make me excited about the main course.

And it scored, my date's pasta was a hit and my veal was tasty, fresh and made me wanting more after polishing of the excess sauce with my bread.

Desserts were ordinary...im not sure but they didnt taste home-made, but good nonetheless.

Wine list was a little expensive...some bottles were almost four times the price at the saq...but i didnt care , i felt like splurging that night!

All in all, a great experience, only knock i would give this restaurant are the prices...a little too expensive to make a return visit very soon.


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01 aug, 2008
Jarry Smoked Meat

yes yes, we all know Schwartz's is the best smoked meat, bla bla bla...yes ok, i might even have to agree with you but really...this place Jarry Smoked meat in the east end is just as good and cheaper than the main's so-called best Smoked meat.

....and without the line up!

But that's not it, the other choices like hamburgers, fries, poutines and club sandwiches are very good and tasty.

The only thing i never enjoyed was their salads & pizza but the place is called JARRY SMOKED MEAT...try to stick with that, and dont go expecting the other stuff to be the best you've ever tasted but sometimes Jarry will surprise you!

For a deli that's open 24hr, seven days a week...the food is fresh and always good.

The service is friendly and fast.

What else can i say....it's just a consistantly good restaurant that serves good food!

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01 aug, 2008