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dimanche, 17 septembre, 2017


Good food, Good food, the absolute WORSE dining experience we (14 people) have ever had in Montréal. As longtime residents of CDN we just love the diversity of bars and restaurants that this neighborhood affords, in particular the many new ones popping up recently and have eagerly been trying each one. We were therefore very excited to make a reservation for my birthday this week and try out Posher but little did we know that it would be such a horror show of service. In general if you are a business, especially a new one, you should be prepared for your guests, especially when your guest make a reservation TWO WEEKS in advance, and you should have a little bit of extra service for someone’s birthday to help make it special, no? I mean that is I feel pretty common, basic logic right? So the fact they had such horrible service and preparation is very telling on their business acumen and restaurant skills. Anyways, my birthday Posher nightmare plays out as the following, surprisingly not embellished, story:

• 2 weeks in advance a reservation of 14 is made
• We arrive at 19h30 and are seated in a fun section though it wasn't big enough to seat all the party so two of my friends shared seats (not a big deal at first, things happen, the atmosphere is still cool and no reason to believe that this isn’t just an event that happens you know?)
• 19h50, about 20 minutes in and I am parched and need a water and preferably a beer but I can't flag down a server to address our 14 member reservation to even say “hi” or “welcome can I get you anything to drink?”. Finally we do and she tells me they are busy sorry and will be back soon to get my order. Point of fact here, there were 8 other people in the restaurant, the rest were my 13 friends who were also NOT being served anything (a handful of people had beers in my party) so your grâce à moi!
• 20h00, another 10 minutes after being told someone would come for my drink order and no one did we once again had to flag down someone else who actually gave us a drink menu this time and tried to quickly dismiss me telling me they would be back. At this point I had to sadly go, "Look, it's my birthday, I have already been here 30 minutes, I just want a beer please." The server seemed a bit offended at my forwardness (which my polite forwardness I am sorry was WELL warranted at this point) but assured me I would get my beer and someone would take the other’s orders. So at this point, we have 0% communication between these servers nor do I have a point of reference for a server who will actually be taking care of me and my friends tonight during my birthday celebrations. Sigh…
• 20h15, another shockingly 15 minutes later and I STILL DID NOT HAVE A BEER nor did my other friends have drinks despite me seeing the servers run beers to other people who had arrived after us or been there before us. I am now going on more than 45 minutes of being at a restaurant for my birthday and I don't have a simple beer in my hand, which mind you, comes in a simple can! How long does it take you to grab a beer from a cooler, crack it open, and set it in front me? More than 45 minutes apparently which is just pathetic. To add insult to injury I was even given attitude when I was asked by another server if I had ordered and I said “YES, a beer like ages ago, but that no one had brought it to me”. I think in the end we went over an hour before my entire party had drinks and in fact, some of the people in my party got their food before I even got a first sip of my drink for the night, again, the night of my birthday here. This horribly delayed service continued throughout the night and again, I am sorry, but wegave them a two week advanced reservation so why they didn't plan this with the proper staffing and servers and then have the nerve to throw attitude at us for having to more insistent on their service, is beyond my knowledge and just really really horrible restaurant management.

So then, after all this, and mind you the food was admittedly good, not excellent, but good and definitely well priced, it was time to for us pay.
One of my friends, who does not drink, had ordered a virgin mixed drink from one of their mason jar specials and when the bill came they had charged her the full price of this drink. Okay, this happens by mistake right? Just a quick, "oh you charged me for the full alcoholic drink, not just the mixed drink I took" should suffice to correct this right? Ohhhho no. They told her that this was their policy of charging full priced for a non-alcoholic drink though that isn't stated anywhere and WHAT restaurant has the nerve to actually do that? I repeat, they wanted her to pay full price for alcohol she did not drink. (*That is essentially price gauging and could even be reported which I have half a mind to do). Finally after OUR insistence they go talk to a "manager" and come back saying they will charge just half price for the non-alcoholic drink. Hallelujah!! thanks for having some common sense there kids!

The very final insult, and truly truly an insult of a high degree, was when one of my friends had not paid their bill yet as they had been waiting, YET AGAIN, to get the attention of someone so they could settle up. Everyone but they had paid and some people in my party had to leave, I got up to go the restroom, and my friends who needed to pay ended up getting up to pay at the counter whilst everyone else walked outside to wait. I pass my friends paying and walk outside and what is happening but my husband who already paid for the both us, is being harassed by another server for not paying his bill and she doesn't even believe him when he pulls out his receipt! Okay so clearly she has been told someone didn't pay but their shockingly poor communication skills once again on display are so bad they clearly did not take the time to see that the people that hadn't paid are currently paying of their own volition at the counter because NO ONE came to them to help them payout while you are now harassing my husband to, heck I don’t even know, repay for the worst service ever? I finally lost it at this point and told the server, "Look this isn't personally against you, but this has been the worst service I have ever experienced in my life is your manager around? No they aren’t. Okay well this is amateur hour and you should be ashamed of the horrible experience we just had and I will be writing about this tomorrow.”

Just so it is on the record, we did get a free tiny scoop of delicious ice-cream which was nowhere even close to compensation for this horrible service. I mean had this been a good bar/restaurant you would have given the Birthday Person their first drink free of charge when it took you 45-60 minutes to get his first drink.

Maybe this place is good on a small intimate level or for University students with low expectations but if you go with more than 4 people expect excuses and horrible service, maybe even accusations of not paying, and god forbid you order a non-alcoholic drink, make sure to be careful because you might be paying for the non-existent alcohol in it.

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17 sep, 2017
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