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vendredi, 26 mai, 2017

Lucille's Oyster Dive
Monkland Village

I too had a very bad experience at the Monkland location. Until last month, Lucille's was one of my favorite restaurants which I went to 3-5 times per month. I love the food and the service is decent. Last time I was there the service was horrible. We never saw the server and we were looked after by the busboy. Appetizers were forgotten, ketchup was forgotten, drinks were forgotten, even though asked for several times,and our dirty dishes stayed on the table for the 55minutes between appetizers and main course are a few examples. When the bill came, I decided to TIP approximately the same amount of the taxes. It was still about 15%. To my shock, when the manger came over, it wasn't to apologize for the bad experience but instead to tell me I didn't give a good TIP and I'm the future they don't have to give me a reservation! I was shocked by rudeness, which was compounded by the fact that she told me she wasn't rude because she spoke to me in private. Not sure she even understands what rude means! She also told me it's not the first time I gave a "bad" tip, she even took the time to calculate that it was 14.79% and not even 15%. I agreed that once before, when she herself served me and gave me terrible service, that I also tipped poorly. Time for servers to remember tips are for "Too Insure Proper Service!" and if they want a good tip, they need to provided good service. Also time to remind them that we don't tip on Taxes. The entitlement of this women was crazy. Give bad service and instead of apologizing, threaten me! It's ok, Montreal has plenty of restaurants so Lucille's does not have to be my go to place anymore. Once again, I will give the kitchen a shout out, as the food is very good. To add insult to injury, when I complained to management,they didn't address any of my concerns and suggested I take my business elsewhere! A decision I had already made. Bottom line, avoid at all cost!!!

24 jan, 2023