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samedi, 25 février, 2017

La Villette BBQ

We are Montrealers and live in the Old Port. After passing by this charming restaurant for so many times, we decided to give it a try… We went there around 18:00 on a Saturday evening.
First of all, BEWARE of the wine! Funny enough, they don’t give you a a wine card… The waitress said that a glass would be 15$ and a bottle of red would cost 89$.... Anything less expensive?.... Apparently not!
However, on their menu online, they list a glass at 8.95$ and a bottle at 39.95$+…. WOW!
Then, we ordered their recommended “specialty”- a Fondue consisting of a charcuteries platter and dipping cheese for 2 at 49,95$... The waitress said that it’s a GOOD portion meal for 2 adults…
We were served a good cheese portion for the fondue and that was delicious I agree… but get this… the charcuteries platter consisted of about 15 THINLY sliced pieces of beef/salami etc., 4 tiny pieces of cauliflower, 4 pickles of the size of a nail and…. BREAD pieces!..... at 49,95$.... they’re THAT cheap!
I honestly was never fooled this way in a restaurant before…
OH! and by the way... paid cash and no receipt!

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25 feb, 2017
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