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samedi, 29 octobre, 2016


Great place to eat, good crepes. Please avoid if you have celiac disease. I have gone twice and both times have ended up EXTREMELY ill. The first time they served me a crepe with a wafer in it (luckily I noticed and spat it out) and the second was during a busy time. Something somewhere doesn't get cleaned properly. Highly recommended, but not if you have an allergy or celiac disease. To the chef - please understand the serious impact on those with celiac. Not having a 100% dedicated area for us causes extreme sickness, not for hours but for a week. Rushing our order or not taking time to properly clean the area has caused me a week of pain missing both school and work. I wish you would understand that my years of hard work of eating gluten free was destroyed by your one meal. Just 1/2 a tablespoon of gluten completely destroys the small intestines causing gastric cancer and infertility. I beg you to put a sign in your menu that celiacs should not eat there. It will take 6 months for my intestines to heal.

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29 oct, 2016
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