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jeudi, 08 novembre, 2007

Il Campari Centro

Been there several times. Conveniently located near the Bell Centre but I prefer going there by on less hectic nights. Ask for Serge. Love the V. Chop. Love the gnocchi gorganzola. Don't love the gymm.
Oh No!I ate like a GIP again..

01 mar, 2009
Chez Ennio

My better half insisted we go there with friends. It's a bring your own wine restaurant. Prices do not match the food served. Example: I ordered an appetizer of eggplant parmesan ($8). A classical eggplant parmesan is prepared by layering fried eggplant slices; on top of each other, with parmesan in between the layers and a bit of tomato sauce.
In a way an eggplant parmesan is very similar to a lasagna, replacing the noodle by the eggplant. What was served was 3 slices of eggplant drowned in a pool of tomato sauce. I did not want to make a scene but at that point I was convinced I'ld be very disappointed. What followed at $19.50 was a veal parmesan; 3 tiny pieces of scaloppine instead of the usual 1 piece cotoletta.
If you are thinking about going table d'hote it's $33/person.The linguini vongole served to my neighbor looked more like egg-noodles fettucelles (too oily) and the fettuccini alfredo looked like pappardelle ; because they were so much wider than fetucinni.Tortelini rose served at the other end of the table, were drowning in the sauce. Not impressed at all. No cheese offered at the table and no pepper. At one point the bread was finished and was not replentished. Another minus--If you're gonna charge 20 dollars or more for pasta; then please inform the customer about the presentation of the products.
Why? Because when a customer pays $$$$
the price he has earned the right to expect. Cutting corners when prices are charged is just plain greedy. Considering the location and the cozy nature of the restaurant; it would be a very wise decision to bring in another hand in the kitchen to help give these recipes and the neighborhood more reasons to return.. The irony is that the decor was put together with so much care and love that one wonders why they took shortcuts in what matters the most; the food..

05 dec, 2008
40 Westt Steakhouse

I shared the small grilled ocean platter $85 with family.What a treat!Awesome. Dry aged Canadian Rib steak at the 40 in my opinion better than anyplace in Montreal. Service is better than that pony-tailed place downtown.Wife chose from the chef suggestions and had the roasted chilean bass reminded me of zia filomenas'.
West islanders very lucky to have this restaurant.
Will return to try the small raw platter.

08 nov, 2007
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