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jeudi, 23 juillet, 2015

Guaca & Molé

Nice to have a new Mexican place in the West Island again. Location is great, parking is easy, restaurant bright and airy without the typical cheesy Mexican 'decor', seating is original and comfortable, the place has everything going for it to become an 'it' place but... ... Music is way too loud: can hardly hear each other sitting across the table from each other ... Service was interminably long: got our drinks and appetizers within 15 minutes when restaurant was empty, but as it was filling up, it took approx. 40 minutes for the waiter to come back to take our orders which were served somewhere between warm and hot, about 35 minutes later (we had been seated 90 minutes by then). We had to wait another 20 minutes or so after having finished our meals for the waiter to come check in on us. We were not offered coffee or desert, nor we would have been willing to wait around for them. By the time the bill was paid and we walked out, we had been in the restaurant for 2:35 hours! ... Menu is a modern mix between traditional Mexican and modern (ex: ceviche sushi!) which is refreshing, but disappointing if you were hoping for some authentic fare. As for the dishes's execution, presentation was nice, but flavors and seasoning is off (2 orders of guacamole were too salty - should be more lime and just a pinch of salt - Piña Colada was sickeningly too rich and sweet, chicken tacos were a complete mess of blandness while the chipotle steak & vegetables was a delight.) ... Staff seems overwhelmed with waiters serving all areas of the dining room at ones (rather than sections), could not explain their dishes well (is the chicken molé, red or green molé? euh... let me check).** we were asked not to push the authentic Mexican plates on the table so as not to scratch the tables ! As mentioned above, this place has everything to make it a cool place to dine, but a few weeks into its existence, it seems to be unprepared to deliver the level of experience that will make people go back. I certainly hope they get a handle on things very quickly because I want to try out a few more items on the menu.... and I hope the next time will be better, otherwise there will not be a 3rd... sadly.

23 juil., 2015