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mardi, 31 juillet, 2007

Il Campari Centro

My overall experience in this restaurant was horrible. The waiter sat us down before they offered us cushions for the cold iron chairs.

After my girlfriend and I ordered (waiting time of more than 10 minutes), our waiter asked us if we wanted anything to drink, which is normal in most restaurant. Not being such a wine person, I decided to go for the traditional "Water's fine." Throughout my whole life, I have never imagined a comeback to my comment, "Mineral water? Right away." Two minutes later, the waiter scurried back to us with a big bottle of "mineral" water, which cost us 8$ more than common free tap water.

When the food arrived in these huge plates, there are two things I noticed:
1. Portion was too small. I had cannelloni, which they offered three on the plate, each with a size no longer than 5 inches. For 24$, I have to say that this is a scam! It did not have any magical or new taste to it; they tasted just like the cannelloni fast food restaurant served.
2. They added a new leaf on top of my food for decoration. Nice little addition, except for the live caterpillar that is still gnawing on the leaf. When my plate arrived, I watched the little green bug writhing in pain as the heat of the tomato sauce engulfs it. I do not know too much Italian food, but I do not think they serve and eat live insects... I pointed it out to the waiter who appears to be clueless until he saw a live caterpillar on his customer's food. He just picked up the plate emotionless and returned it back to me with the leaf gone. Now, looking back at it, how did a live insect pass from the eyes of the cook, then marathoned its way to the hands of a waiter, who skillfully placed the plate in front of me without noticing a light green being moving around in the center of a reddish tomato sauce background?

I have to say, this is the first and last time I am going to this restaurant and I highly advise anyone with a hungry stomach not to eat here.

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31 jul, 2007
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