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samedi, 07 mars, 2015


I been client for lyla restaurant for about 3 years now and i really like their food, i'm a pretty constant client and in all thesse years the only thing it's been botthering me is this man who works there wich always treats me like i'm annoying him every time i call to order something he don't let me speak always rushing me today for example i called to order and he didn't even let me finish he hang up on me i had to call three times back an finally thank good somebody else answer, i ALWAYS receive this service from this man with no exception, i believe service is one of the most important parts in restaurant industrie along side with the food i don't really care about the looks of the place, i will strongly recommend the owners to teach some manners to this guy because the people is the reasson why your bussines is there and the RESPECT is the less thing you will expect from a serivce honestly this is the first time i say something about this, i am getting pretty tired.

07 mar, 2015
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