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mardi, 15 juillet, 2014

La Fondue Du Prince

This restaurant was great. We only ended up there by chance; it was a Saturday night and parking was very hard to come by in Saint Anne de Bellevue, so seeing the sign of 'Valet Parking' was great. We parked in front and the valet took our car immediately. I came her with my 76 year old dad, who has been coming here for over three decades. Upon arriving, we were told we might have to wait about five minutes if we wanted a seat with a direct view of the water. The waitress/owner Suzanne greeted us in French, so no problem there. We were sat down in the back section with the view of the Saint Laurent and immediately approached by one of the waiters. He greeted us in English but my dad decided to order in French, which made the waiter switch languages with no problem. We ordered the 'Plats au Prince', which was a cheese fondue with a fresh baguette, a caesar salad, the main course of a fondue bourguignonne and a chocolate fondue to finish. For the bourguignonne, I had shrimp and beef and my dad took the full platter, which was beef, shrimp, chicken and scallops. It was served alongside various dipping sauces such as shrimp cocktail, Russian, teriyaki, carrot & white bean and garlic & parmesan. They were the perfect sauces to go alongside the food. My only complaint is the service. The waitstaff is polite, but slow. When we first ordered, our cheese fondue came about fifteen minutes later, and our drinks only came about five minutes after that. However, I imagine this would be nice if you were on a date. The entire meal took about two and a half hours, but it was very nice. As I paid the bill, the waiter went off to tell the man who parked my car to go get it so we wouldn't have to wait once we were outside. Overall a delightful experience. I plan to come again.

15 juil., 2014