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jeudi, 15 mai, 2014

Il Campari Centro

During out visit, we went to two restauarants for lunch.
Just 10 minute walk from the hotel.
One of the best gnocchi I ever had.
The 3 men who were with me insisted I try
a bit of veal marsala, a bit of linguini amatriciana and the fish of the day. Equally good was the calmars fried.
A very impressive wine list.
Very clean. Spotless.
The decor reminds me of a certain look I saw years ago.
I like this kind of look.
"Montreal, you are spoiled!"

15 may, 2014
Rib 'N Reef Steakhouse & Cigar Lounge
Ville Mont-Royal

Montrealers are so spoiled

Everything about this place is very posh, very clean, very service oriented. The is the best steakhouse experience I have had in years.
To be honest I was hoping to go try the other place with a strange name about a pony tail, but that spot was not reopened yet.
I was told that the restaurant Rib n Reef has been a well known favourite for many many years. One of the people I met for business 2 weeks ago told me that she used to come here for their roast beef, every week for years.
I can understand why. I had to try it. I also tasted a forkful of filet mignon. The bearnaise sauce was out of this world.
Montrealers are spoiled spoiled spoiled.
You do not know how lucky you are with all of these choices of good restaurants.
The cesar sald was made at the table. Have not seen that since my Las Vegas. All in all, a very satisfying lunch.
Have recommended it to all of my friends in Pennsylvania.

15 may, 2014