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Petit Belge

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dimanche, 07 juillet, 2013

Le Village/Centre Sud

The restaurant looks nice, the terrace is ok. Right in the lively gay quarter. We went there for dinner because we had to wait half an hour in another restaurant to get in. I wish we had waited. The only good thing about it was the Wonton Soup and the fact that you could bring your own wine. Service was correct, but the food is very ordinary. An experience you want to forget as soon as possible. There's much better Asian restaurants around. Sad business, not worth a visit.

03 août, 2013
Café Saigon
Le Village/Centre Sud

After some shopping in Rue St-Catherine we were dying for some good Asian food. You can bring your own wine in Cafe Saigon. Don't we love this? The atmosphere was quite busy and noisy, but that didn't bother us. I think some people had a bit too much of the wine they brought ;-) The place itself hasn't got a terrace or big windows, but there's plenty of space. You can breathe. We ordered Pork & Shrimp Rolls with a groundnut sauce. Very nice. The other Springroll was also quite tasty. Good starters. The General Tao Chicken was absolutely great. Crunchy and really tasty, served with some pretty good rice. The Red Chili Beef Noodles with fresh Mint, Cucumber and Carrots were also quite refined. Very nice dinner for a correct price. We definetely recommend this little charming Vietnamese restaurant! Cheers.

12 juil., 2013