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mercredi, 22 mai, 2013

Soba & Sushi Bar

I held a birthday party at soba sushi recently and it went so well i must post my experience with u guys ( i dont normally do this) . So the staff was so friendly and helpful, i must say, their menu is so vast, i got lost but thankfully the waiter helped all 15 of us to choose out dish. Amazingly he got everyone's orders correctly, so thats a plus! their food was not to be forgotten, the display left us all in awe. I swear every of their dishes are made for 2! for 15$ you get piratically 2 meals! my favorite part of the whole dinner was that the waiter actually sang me happy birthday and brought the table free fried banana and green tea ice cream for me :) so happy that night! thanks soba!

22 mai, 2013