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vendredi, 22 février, 2013

Caribbean Curry House

i am of caribbean descent, recently went with some coworkers of different nationalites and have to say we all enjoyed our various meals. very tasty and very reasonably priced. i myself have been going there for many years already because of the tasty food. anyone visiting montreal always hear about caribbean curry house and wants to go and are not disappointed. not feeling like a meal, go for a snack or drink and hang out listening to the caribbean music. they have been around for along time 25+years, and that is for a reason, they know about caribbean cuisine!

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Carribean Tasty Treats

went to the resto last summer, not too impressed. my family is from the caribbean where roti is well known and when looking at the menu one of the items i ordered was a roti and goat which is a NORMAL meal in any west indian restaurant. but when i told the waitress what i wanted she looked at me like i was crazy! i was taken aback looked at my friend and said to myself is this place for real? serving roti but has no idea what goes with it. been there once but have no intention of going back even though i pass by every day of the week. sorry.

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