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mardi, 19 février, 2013

Falafel Freiha

They only do one thing but damn is it done well, the best falafel in town hands down. Fried on the spot, not sitting for more than 10 minutes out of the fryer. Amazing and tasty.

15 juil., 2016

I've been a customer at Amaranto since 2007 which is pretty much the beginning and I have never been disappointed. The couple that runs it is super friendly and the food speaks for itself, yes at times service can be on the slow side but they have clearly taken steps to correct this as there is a lot more help in both the kitchen and the front of the house. The gringa is my favourite, the enchiladas with tomatillo sauce are also excellent. They had a beef tinga tostada on the menu a few weeks ago that was out of this world, order it if you see it on their daily specials next time. Their carnitas which are also not on the menu but appear frequently as a daily special are also very good. Prices are also very reasonable especially for the quaility you are getting. I'm convinced some of these poor reviews on this site are from the competition, I always get suspicious when I see a person has only given "1 review". There's a reason they have been open for nearly 10 years.

22 févr., 2016
Guaca & Molé

Meh, that pretty much sums it up. First off they need to get the kinks out of the service, everyone seemed lost. I understand they have only recently opened but they need to get it together. I'm assuming they will. Worth another shot I guess in a few weeks. Not enough pork on the menu, this is supposed to be a Mexican resto, where's the pork? I'll stick to the Mexican places in the Plateau but will check it out again when I'm in the West Island. My lamb burrito was just OK, it didn't taste like anything though not even like lamb. Adding a postscript to my original review on 8/10. People calm down, it's just a restaurant and people's livelihoods are at stake when you come out and rip someone a new one. So your drink took too long to come, suck it up. Why is everyone so malicious? These posts are horrible, from both sides. You have people who are pissed and then you have obvious shill reviews. Enjoy life, it's just a restaurant, no one died.

10 août, 2015
La Tamalera

This place is so good. Everything is very fresh, great tastes, the corn tortillas are homemade. The food isn't over salted like most restaurants. Don't come here for tex-mex this is real Mexican. Great brunch too. I had a Pozole a while back and it was out of this world. Too bad they don't have a few extra dishes on their menu but what they do is really good. I'm surprised they are not busier.

02 juin, 2014
Ta Chido Snack-bar mexicain

Perfect Mexican comfort street food done right. I had the torta and the bread which is made in house was so fresh. Owner and the rest of the staff were very friendly (not overly fake friendly) and made sure we were taken care of as they were quite busy.

31 mars, 2013
Monkland Village

Good stuff, I haven't been to a lot of Korean restos in the city but this one was up there. Fresh ingredients, great taste. Beef Bulgogi was perfectly done, the other chicken dish we tried (I forget the name) was a bit too sweet.

29 mars, 2013
Da Emma

The few pastas I've tried are out of this world; Tortellini with Gorgonzola sauce, Veal raviolis with speck, Fettuccine mushroom pasta. All some of the best I've ever had. Their piglet roast shoulder is also a must, haven't tried their lamb. Their veal roast (sliced) though was on the disappointing side, not tender enough. Would definitely recommend Da Emma.

20 mars, 2013
Le Bureau Bar Tapas

I found it very ordinary, there were a few decent plates; shrimps, chorizo, spinach dahl. A few losers; saganaki, calamari. The meat skewers were decent but not a lot of meat. The price is reflective of the portions, a good thing. I liked that they separate the bill by splitting the price of the plates in half. I'd go back but not run back. The service was fine for a busy night.

17 mars, 2013

Awesome smoked meat, the real deal not that pumped up factory wet salty nonsense the rest of the city serves. There's Delibees and then there's everyone else lagging far behind.

05 mars, 2013
Bombay Choupati

Been going to this place for almost 10 years, more of a regular since we moved into the area. Their Dosas…mmmm their Dosas, enough said. Curry plate and Vindaloo plates are excellent so many different spices/tastes going on, love it. Sometimes they get swamped, have patience everything is made from scratch and the family is so lovely, place is clean too. The only place in the WI that is worth trekking into from the city.

26 févr., 2013