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samedi, 19 janvier, 2013


Seems like Nostos is losing it's touch. Been going for a number of years and generally enjoyed. Decided to try one more time and during this last visit both my friend and I noticed and commented on the lack of meat and tzaziki sauce in our doner. Clearly they are cutting corners and it's pretty evident. Their fries are also horribly sweat and way too greasy. They are not using the best produce on the market. We will never return nor recommend this resto as we were less than impressed.

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05 dec, 2017
La Khaïma Cuisine Nomade
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

Went there with a coupon (30 for 60 worth of food) to try out this resto. There is no way on earth what we ate was worth anywhere near 60$. The entrees included cold pit bread (nothing exceptional). Main dish was good - a variety of three dishes served on one plate of couscous. The coupon didn't say it was a tasting menu but that's what we were told we would be served by the waitress. No menu available. Everybody had the same exact dish on their table. Not sure I get this concept of choice. Dessert included a tiny piece of baklava. It was worth it because of the coupon - but I'm not so sure I'd go back too many times at the regular price or highly recommend it.

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12 oct, 2013
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