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mercredi, 29 août, 2012

Mango Bay

The service was pretty quick, considering that when I went with 3 friends on a Wednesday evening there was only one waitress and a good number of other tables. She got us our drinks fast and was very pleasant. As for the food, forget it. I take trips to Jamaica at least once a year and I have never seen a chicken breast anywhere near jerk chicken. The jerk tastes like the chicken and the jerk sauce were sloshed together at the last minute. A friend of mine had the mango chicken, which was positively overdone and awful. My sweet potato was somehow cold right off the bat and my other friend couldn't believe how small her plate of king fish was. The oxtail and curry goat are the same price. Either this place is joking or trying to snake out every last dollar from unknowing downtown tourists. Avoid unless you want to spend money for no good reason.

29 août, 2012