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dimanche, 10 décembre, 2006

La Mantra

Mantra is a wonderful family-owned restaurant that will tickle every taste bud on your tongue! Spacious, dimly-lit and with Indian music playing in the background, patrons will enjoy a great experience. Our group went to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and we were not disappointed! The naans (larger than in other restaurants) are served hot, super soft and chewy. The chicken and lamb dishes are so succulent, so savoury – so good! The okra, chick pea and vegetable orders are spicy, but provide an amazing array of flavours that are unforgettable. Prices are reasonable, service is good and the list of meals to choose from are endless. This is definitely a restaurant to discover & enjoy! R.Sareen

07 nov., 2008
Chez Devi

Devi is an upscale Indian-cuisine restaurant that succeeds because of its great location (right in the middle of downtown Crescent St.) and its enjoyable food menu. The grilled vegetable platter is a perfect blend of bbq & veggies (with tangy pineapple pieces mixed in!) The shammi kababs are delicious; cooked exactly like a homemade dish - the meat is soft, melting in your mouth & the surprise mozarella center gives it a uniquely tasty spin. The other meat dishes are slightly over-salted, but the portions are great for two/tree people to share. The atmosphere is chic, with dimly-lit lights all around the main floor. The young servers are helpful & give you enough time to choose your meal among so many mouth-watering choices. The prices are considerably higher compared to other smaller Indian restaurants around town, but Devi is a great place to bring clients and a well-deserving way to treat yourself! Enjoy! R. Sareen

23 août, 2007