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lundi, 23 avril, 2012

Avenue Duluth

My experience at Lombardi was absolutely horrible. It was my friends bachelorette party and all of us bridesmaids voted for a byow Italian restaurant and chose Lombardi. Our reservation was for 9pm 15 people, we were running 10 minutes late and called to let them know. Once we got there we had to stand in the hall and wait half an hour for our table to be ready, so right away not impressed especially since it was a special event for us. Once we sat down half our table had menus the other didn't and after waiting 20 minutes without seeing one waiter I had to get up and ask for more menus myself (and the waiter I asked gave me more then enough attitude about it). A waiter finally came over a total of 30 minutes after we sat down, didn't introduce herself and just took our order. We got our food quickly I'll give them that but the food was plain and not to my expectations at all. Not once did the waiter come to check on us and once we were finished she just brought us our bills. All to say I will never go back and neither will any of the girls from the bachelorette. The only good part was that the busboys were more than willing to make us happy.

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18 aug, 2014
Jukebox Burgers & Bar Laitier

I have been to Jukebox many times with friends and I absolutely love the place. The decor is awesome, and the music matches it perfectly. The service is very friendly and polite. The food, ah so much to say, I've tried pretty much every type of food there; burgers, salads, sandwiches and mac n'cheeses. Burgers are always juicy and perfectly cooked, the salads are delicious and massive, Sandwiches are super tasty and fresh, and the mac n' cheeses are always creamy and cheesy. I love everything about this place and it gets so busy in there that I know I am not the only one in love with Jukebox.

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23 apr, 2012
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