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mercredi, 11 avril, 2012

MooSoo Sushi

After eating several times at this restaurant I have decided to review it, trust me this is not something often, this is my only review on RestoMontreal,

I love this place, I've tried so many different restaurant across the province and none of them come close to this, They are taking sushi to another level with some very good recipes, far from your average 'California Rolls' Their ingredients are fresh and always very tasty, nothing tastes or looks blend..

The prices are very good, usually for my girlfriend and me it average around 70$ everything included, and we usually order 5 different dishes.

I would highly recommend their 'Sushi Pizza' and the 'Tobiko Donburi' and last but not least 'Tuna SSAMBOB' I only have good things to say about this place, the food is exceptional, but the service is just as good, everyone is very knowledgeable and will take all the time you need to go through the description of all the meals.

Also I know it may sound silly but the tea you are offered is just fantastic, honestly one of the best tea I've had in any restaurant, for something that they offer free of charge It's quite amazing.

I have been going for a while after seeing some reviews on here and I am spreading the word as much as I can , for those of you who aren't crazy about fish , they also offer a veggie sushi section and some of their recipes uses chicken or beef instead of fish, so there's something for everyone!

I highly recommend this place to anyone who wishes to experience something that's out of the park.. something that's not Philadelphia or California... etc. definitely an experience I haven't been able to replicate anywhere else..

Moosoo is a must!!

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11 apr, 2012