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dimanche, 30 janvier, 2011

Manzo Pizzéria

Manzo had won best submarine in The Montreal Gazette search for best sub a few years back. Well a few years later it still is the best sub in the city. The Manzo special is exceptional. Steve says " it's in the dressing and ingredients" with a smile. To bad it is so far from Laval but it is definitely worth the trip to pick up a few subs.

31 janv., 2011
Gallo Nero

We went to Gallo Nero for a get together supper. We didn't order from the menu but instead asked the waiter to serve us a four coarse meal to the chefs discretion. The waiter started by serving us a assortment of Italian deli meats, grilled vegetables and cheeses. They then served us two types of pasta. Gnocchi with rapini and penne with a tomato sauce. This was followed by Italian salad (mixed greens with balsamic vinegar and olive oil). As the main coarse we had a assortment of meats. They brought us grilled lamb chops, grilled sausage, grilled chicken breast and some veal. We also had some vegetables. The whole meal was served family dining style....dishes in the middle of table to be shared among all the guests. The portions were more very generous and the quality was great. The price was very affordable. If you want to feel like your in a tratoria in Italy you won't be disappointed at Gallo Nero. In does get full and a little noisy on Friday evenings but it adds to it's charm.

31 janv., 2011
Mikasa Sushi Bar & Yakiniku

I had lunch at Mikasa and the table d'hôte prices are reasonable although the regular menu could get pricey. The quality and presentation of the food is fantastic although the service is slow. Avoid if your on a schedule if not enjoy!

31 janv., 2011
Da Bologna Pizzeria

I ordered submarines from Da Bologna for home delivery and I would go as far as saying they are probably in the top 5 subs in the city. The bread is made from pizza dough and they are not skimpy on the ingredients. If your in the mood for a sub you won't regret Da Bologna.

30 janv., 2011