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jeudi, 26 août, 2010


I love all kinds of cuisines, am a lover of pastries and other deserts and am always up for trying a new cafe or resto!

Santos Tapas Bar

The food at this place was surprisingly good. We ordered abunch of things to share and I have to say everything was delicious. The calamari, the paella, and the beef ribs in particular were tasty. The ambiance of the place is perfect for the mid twenties to early thirties crowd. Nice decor, good music( lots of 90s music when we were there:). My only complaint was that the waitress was a bit awkward and and not as friendly as she should have been. She also kept interupting us every two seconds to ask if she could remove some of the platters which still had food in them which we thought was a bit rude because everyone was sharing and we were taking our time eating it(it was alot!). Othere than that thought, it was a great experience!

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11 may, 2013

Let me just say ,I absolutely love Mediterranean food and have high standards for it. That being said, the food here blew me outta the water. It was sooo delicious!!
Since me and my friend were having trouble deciding on one thing each, we decided to order a bunch of appetizers and share them and then we ordered one main platter and shared that as well.
The appetizers are very affordable and you get quite abit. We literally could have just had the appetizers and called it a night. I loove calamari and have had it at quite a few places but the calamari at this place is the BEST I have EVER had ,it was a huge heaping plate of it and omg my mouth is watering just thinking of it. Spanakopita was good as well. The main platter was a char-grilled chicken brochette which was tender and cooked to perfection, the veggies were buttery and tender and i think were steamed. Even the bread and greek salad were delicious!
The waitress was very nice and personable as well.
The prices can be quite up there for the main dishes but honestly just share a few dishes , there's plenty of food to go around ,trust me!
Best greek food in town in my opinion!

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16 jun, 2012