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vendredi, 07 juillet, 2023

La Focaccia

Have tried this place for the first time and I thought....Italian in St. Jerome....Ya right (i am italian). BUT, very pleasantly surprised; not a super restaurant of haute cuisine type, but a decent type restaurant where you can eat pretty well and seemingly pretty authentic for a much more reasonable price that the laval or montreal region. I would definitely go again....until they screw up.

07 juil., 2023
La Verità

we had been here before and quality of both food and service brought us back. However, based on tonite, it would seem both parameters have dropped. Braised short rib last time was phenomenal, this time seemed more like boiled beef. Seafood pasta.....passable, at least it was al dente, but a little dry and no parsley garnish which gives it those finishing tones. The seafood in it (mussels ok, Shrimps were either hard on their own or overcooking them made them hard). Bavette of beef had been phenomenal last time I ate it, however this time I asked for Rare I got medium rare, and felt more like AA beef than AAA beef. On the other hand, i must applaud the vegetables, very nicely cooked, seasoned, and the sweet potatoes puré was lovely. As for the service, it declined more than the food. Whereas we got good descriptions of the specials and their prices last time, there was an avoidance of informing on the pricing on this last outing. We dont know if this is restaurant policy or waiter style but we urge the owner to standardize the presentation and please let customers know before hand what their are getting into. Service was somewhat slow during the meal and interminable when waiting for the bill....guys when ppl are finished eating, some customers want to leave ! I am considering maybe ONE last chance for this place, maybe not.

07 juil., 2023