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lundi, 16 mai, 2022

Le Saloon Bistro Bar
Le Village/Centre Sud

How can 1 simple task go wrong after you specified VEGAN and asked all the right questions ( only vegans could understand dining with friends in non vegan restaurants) asked for the salad instead of fries. anyway, my overpriced "BEYOND MEAT". burger arrived with aioli sauce which was the only task I asked aside from salad instead of fries. I canceled the order, one of two waiters came and apologized (yes two , one soulless) said my drink would be free, whatever , my friend asked for one bill , they send over a new waiter with it , big smile friendly , engaging waiter with the other two stood at the bar,( make your own conclusions) lol , while my friend paid the bill, I looked over the details and there it was , charge for the burger. I used to go to "the Saloon " back in the 90s when they made the veggie burger themselves, never will go again ,

17 may, 2022