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mardi, 03 mai, 2022

Lucille's Fairview

Price: over priced for small portions of food
Seafood already prepared not much
For them to do than plate it

Group: make sure if u go in a group that u r
Correct on your count
They will not give u an extra chair
All the say is they r full all chairs are

Music; very annoying music it's to loud so
people tend to talk louder just to b
Felt like I'm in a fish market

Seating: very poorly organized
Placing tables to close just to seat
An theses horrible doors they have
that serves as windows has no
Protection against the sun
Sun is in your face for all of 21/2 hr
U r there

Time : When u book u r limited to a time
frame an they will do everything
To make sure u r out by that time
So they can push in more ppl

They wouldn't even ask if u like a coffee
U r rushed from the minute u sit down until the time u finish eating

Overall not a happy customer

03 may, 2022