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mardi, 19 avril, 2022

Seoul Chako

SO SHOCKED that there is a longggggg line at this place during the weekends. This place is DISGUSTING!!!! WOW. I am Korean and been to a whole load of Korean BBQ restaurants and I can tell you that this MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT KOREAN BBQ. Just because the restaurant name has the word "SEOUL" in it and they claim that they have an all you can eat Korean BBQ does not make this a real authentic Korean BBQ. This is just false advertising and they are scammers. First of all, the meat that they serve you are some VERY CHEAP meats, which is why its all you can eat at $36.99 per person. The meat was some cheap red meat that you buy at the corner grocery store. The chicken was old and gross. I've ordered other dishes on the menu. The sushi rolls were most definitely made ahead of time and left out for a while because it was so DRY and falling apart because the rice was so dry. The chicken rolls were a disgrace and they definitely used some old chicken. I ordered vegetable noodles, absolutely horrendous. It was basically hot water mixed with teriyaki sauce. The restaurant itself was so dirty and utensils were not cleaned properly. The waiters were clearly sad and miserable because the service was sh*t. I hope people will read this review and AVOID wasting their money at this place because it is a true SHAME they claim this is a Korean BBQ place. ABSOLUTELY FILTHY!!!!!!!!!

19 apr, 2022