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dimanche, 21 février, 2021

Lucille's Oyster Dive
Monkland Village

Usually, I understand that sometimes restaurants may not always offer what the customer was expecting.

However, today I felt the need to write to you, because I am very disappointed with the order I received today, and frankly, feel that I was purposefully misled.

I have seen Lucille's food truck, and it seemed really popular. I rarely eat out (on average, once every 2-3 months). So today, being in the area, I decided to try out the food truck.

I asked the saleslady what I should get, seeing how I am not a big fan of seafood, and she recommended the cheeseburger and fries, saying that she herself really enjoys the cheeseburger. She was very nice and very friendly, and I took her advice. All in all, the cheeseburger (9$) and the fries (5$) came up to 16.10$ (with tip).

When I arrived home and excitedly opened my box with the order, I was very taken aback.The cheeseburger is minuscule...

I literally took a can and compared the size of the burger to the diameter of the bottom of a soda can. They were the same size, and that is including the bun! The diameter of the patty itself was smaller than the diameter of a soda can, and the thickness was less than the width of a dime.

Seeing how the cheeseburger sells for 9$, I thought that common-sense would allow me to expect it to be the size of an average burger.

Needless to say, the price of the burger, combined with the recommendation of the saleslady made me feel as if I was misled to believe that the Lucille cheeseburger was worth 9$. It was not.

I am sorry to say that I do feel taken advantage of, and I expected more from Lucille.

When I sent this same review to the Lucille customer service email, the response I received was the following:
I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. I will speak with the chefs to make sure the size of the burgers is respected off the food truck.
I appreciate your feedback.
Thanks and have a good weekend,"

Needless to say, I felt completely dismissed.
I am not going to return to Lucille.

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21 feb, 2021
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