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mardi, 15 septembre, 2020

Prima Luna

Celebrated a family members 50th birthday yesterday on September 12, 2020. I got to say I have never been so disappointed in a restaurant in my life, and I especially never thought it would be Prima Luna because of its online reviews & stars.
I don't even know where to begin but here we go....
1. One plate of entres were given per table of about 8-10 people, which left us starving as they were not large plates. Some people did not even get the chance to try all of the entres & the ones who did had only had around 2 bites. After asking for more plates of entres because some people did not eat, they rudely refused and kept us waiting.
2. The salad was plain & bitter
3. My boyfriends streak ribs literally looked like they were fresh off the supermarkets shelves... UNCOOKED & he even likes his meat red but this was PURPLE. It was completely inedible.
4. The potatoes were honestly gross and soggy & vegetables provided on main dish were 1 pepper and broken off soggy rapini
5. The service was out of this world bad.... we had an open bar but took us about 30-45 mins to get drinks after asking the same waiters over and over again. We asked for hot pepper for our pasta twice & never got it. Other tables were asking for simple things, with their orders completely ignored & never fulfilled. The wine is supposed to be unlimited for the entire night, but they only came ONCE to fill our glasses & never came back after being asked dozens of times.
6. Waiters also seemed stressed & unhappy, which I don't blame them as they were clearly understaffed. Although, it makes the entire experience much worse.

The people in charge of the parties should at least try to fulfill their promises to their customers, otherwise the hype of this restaurant will just fade away one party at a time. The fact that the prices are EXTREMELY expensive makes it even worse.... really not worth the money & highly do not recommend for larger parties (my experience with smaller groups of around 2-5 people was always good) but our experience literally deserves 0 stars.

Also, a lot of my friends, including myself, were going to plan our mothers 50th at Prima Luna but no way that is happening after last night. Sorry but you guys need to do A LOT better.

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15 sep, 2020
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