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mardi, 05 novembre, 2019

Ramen Isshin

My boyfriend and I went to the restaurant on the Wednesday evening on January 15 2020. We ordered 2 entrees and 2 ramen. We were waiting patiently and excitedly because we heard good reviews from our friends. As the employee came with the food, the employee accidentaly poured ramen on my boyfriend's sweater. Like HOT RAMEN. It could have ended with serious injuries, but luckily he was wearing one extra layer of shirt underneath the sweater. The employee apologized a lot, offering even money for dry cleaning but I was too busy cleaning out the ramen soup off the sweater I didn't focus on what he/she was saying. And I understand, mistakes can happen. The part I am mad and very disappointed is how the manager reacted to this. I don't even know if he was the manager or the owner because he didn't present himself and he didn't even take responsability of what happened in the restaurant. He did not come see us once until the end of our meal to offer a small dessert in return of what happened. Like yeah we will take it if it's the only thing you are offering, but are you inquiring that the shirt and sweater is worth your dessert? This sweater was even a present with memories and now after cleaning we can still see the stain of the ramen soup (we had to wash it several times to clean it decreasing the quality of the sweater). In my honest opinion, the manager should have been able to assist us right away after this incident happened. How do you leave such customer service until the end? What if serious injuries happened? He DIDN'T EVEN ASK IF ANYONE WAS HURT. It even made me think that he would not have acted the same way if we would have been presented as an inspector or food review person. At the end, I still paid full price for the meal. I tipped 15% because of the other waiters being aware of the situation and taking care of us, even the one who accidentally spilled ramen. Aside from this, the food was good. This would have been a 5-star review if such disappointment would not have happened.

15 janv., 2020