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Le Saint-Sau Pub Gourmand restaurant
Open Now
236, rue Principale
(450) 227-0218
$$,$$$  Pub Food, Bistro, Poutine, Fish & Chips, Salads, Burgers, Tartare, Grill
Taverne Gaspar restaurant
Open Now
89, rue de La Commune E
(514) 819-2241
$$  Comfort Food, Pub Food, Fish & Chips, BBQ
Les Torchés restaurant
Open Now
74, ave. Mont-Royal E
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
(514) 564-6011
$  Pub Food, Comfort Food, Grilled Cheese
Pub Cock n' Bull restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 2pm
1944, rue Ste-Catherine O.
(514) 750-0102
$  Pub Food, Fish & Chips, Comfort Food, Burgers
100 Génies Resto-Pub restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 11am
530, rue Peel
(514) 396-8892
$  Pub Food, Pizza, Poutine, Burgers, International, Fish & Chips
Saint-Houblon restaurant
Pub Food, Burgers, Comfort Food, Salads, Sandwiches, Breakfast
Multiple Locations
Le Mile Public House restaurant
Open Now
9190, boul. Leduc, local 130
Quartier Dix30 / Brossard
(450) 926-1444
$,$$  Pub Food, Burgers, Comfort Food, Fish & Chips, Market, Regional, Tartare
Windsor Hyper Bar & Grill restaurant
American, Pub Food, Salads, Grill, Burgers, Bistro
Multiple Locations
La Méchante Virée restaurant
Open Now
1463, boul. Lionel-Boulet, local 103
(450) 985-1421
$$,$$$  French, Pub Food, Fish & Chips, Poutine, Burgers, Tartare
Chez Vincent restaurant
Open Now
327, rue St-Laurent O.
Longueuil / Vieux Longueuil
(450) 674-3029
$,$$  Bistro, Comfort Food, Grill, Pub Food, Mussels
Barbù restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 11am
10, boul. de Mortagne
Boucherville / Longueuil
(450) 655-6770
$,$$  Burgers, BBQ, Bistro, Comfort Food, Pub Food, Market, Grill, American
Brasserie T! restaurant
Open Now
1425, rue Jeanne-Mance
Quartier des Spectacles / Downtown
(514) 282-0808
$$$,$$$$  Bistro, Regional, Pub Food, Burgers
Le Balthazar restaurant
Pub Food, Regional, Sandwiches, Fish & Chips, Burgers, Tartare, Salads, Poutine
Multiple Locations
Mimi La Nuit restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 4pm
22, rue St-Paul E
(514) 507-5449
$$,$$$  Pub Food, Tartare
MVP Restaurant & Bar Sportif restaurant
Open Now
200, rue Ste-Catherine E
Downtown / Quartier des Spectacles
(514) 875-7171
$,$$  American, Pub Food, Grill, Burgers, Salads, Breakfast
La Réserve restaurant
Open Now
6000, boul. Arthur-Sauvé
(450) 627-0340
$$$  Bistro, Pub Food, Comfort Food, Burgers, Tartare, Grill, Salads
Le Terminal restaurant
Open Now
1875, ave. du Mont-Royal E
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
(514) 522-4131
$,$$  Bistro, Regional, Pub Food, Comfort Food, Market, Fish & Chips
Le Blind Pig restaurant
Open Now
3882, rue Ontario E
Hochelaga-Maisonneuve / Montreal-East
(514) 419-3383
$  Pub Food, Burgers, Poutine, Mexican, American
Madame Bovary restaurant
Opens Today at 5pm
20, boul. de Mortagne
(450) 449-7225
$$$  Tapas, Market, Bistro, French, Tartare, Contemporary/Modern, Casse-Croute, Pub Food
Thursday's restaurant
Open Now
1449, rue Crescent
Crescent Street / Downtown
(514) 288-5656
$$,$$$  French, Bistro, Pub Food, Tartare
Le Mtl Resto + Bar restaurant
Open Now
4051, rue St-Hubert
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
(514) 598-7764
$  Pub Food, Bistro, Poutine, Canadian, Tartare, Tapas
Pub Sir Joseph restaurant
Open Now
4902, boul. St-Laurent
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal / Boul. St-Laurent/Main
(514) 564-7477
$,$$  Irish, Pub Food, Burgers, Fish & Chips, Comfort Food, Market, Grill, Tartare
Le Zotique restaurant
Open Now
227, rue St-Zotique E
Little-Italy / Rosemont-Petite-Patrie
(514) 903-5899
$,$$  Pub Food, Tartare, Poutine, Burgers, Comfort Food, Fish & Chips, Mussels
RUBS BBQ Américain restaurant
Smokehouse, BBQ, American, Burgers, Pub Food, Comfort Food
Multiple Locations
Sporting Club (SCM) restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 4pm
4671, boul. Saint-Laurent
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal / Boul. St-Laurent/Main
(514) 742-4141
$,$$  Pub Food, French, Market, Regional, Tartare
Pub BreWskey restaurant
Open Now
380, rue St-Paul E
(514) 507-2739
$,$$  Pub Food, International, Tartare, Market, Salads, Fish & Chips, Sandwiches
Le White Rabbit restaurant
Pub Food, Regional, Tartare, Salads, Grill, Burgers, Poutine, Comfort Food
Multiple Locations
Birreria ITALI.CO restaurant
Italian, Tapas, American, Pizza, Burgers, Pub Food, Pasta, Contemporary/Modern
Multiple Locations
Les Affamés restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 10am
4137, rue Ste-Catherine E
Hochelaga-Maisonneuve / Montreal-East
(514) 508-8566
$,$$  Bistro, Market, Regional, Pub Food, Sandwiches, Café
Brasserie Le Manoir Lachine restaurant
Open Now
625, 32e Avenue
(514) 637-1212
$,$$  Steakhouse, Grill, Pub Food, Breakfast, Salads
Chez Ma Grosse Truie Chérie restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 5pm
1801, rue Ontario
The Village/Centre-Sud / Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
(514) 522-8784
$$$  Regional, Creative, Bistro, Canadian, Pub Food, Market, Tartare
Bistro St-Charles restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 11am
17680, rue Charles #100
(450) 818-8668
$$,$$$  Bistro, Market, Pub Food, Tartare, Grilled Cheese, Sandwiches, Burgers
Rosewood restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 5pm
60, rue St-Jaques
(514) 843-8585
$$  International, Pub Food, Burgers, Creative
Brasserie Le Manoir Pointe-Claire restaurant
Open Now
600, boul. St-Jean
(514) 695-2071
$,$$  Steakhouse, Grill, Pub Food, Breakfast, Salads
Au Vieux Farfadet restaurant
Open Now
1345, rue Fleury E
(438) 386-4414
$,$$  Irish, Pub Food, Fish & Chips, Burgers, Poutine
Broue Pub Brouhaha restaurant
Pub Food, Comfort Food, Poutine, Smokehouse, BBQ
Multiple Locations
Balconville restaurant
Opens Today at 5pm
4816, rue Wellington
(514) 419-1942
$,$$  Pub Food, Grill
Nyks Bistro Pub restaurant
Open Now
1250, rue de Bleury
Downtown / Quartier des Spectacles
(514) 866-1787
$  Bistro, Pub Food, Market
Grenade restaurant
Open Now
1603, rue Ontario E
The Village/Centre-Sud / Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
(514) 525-4251
$,$$  Pub Food, Comfort Food, Poutine, Asian, Tartare
Le Sieur D'Iberville restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 4pm
2490, ave du Mont-Royal E
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
(514) 525-4448
$,$$  Rotisserie, Pub Food, Bistro, Sandwiches, Burgers, Salads, Grilled Cheese
PJ's Pub restaurant
Open Now
6910, rue St-Jacques
Montreal-Southwest / Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG)
(514) 489-6356
$  Sandwiches, Pub Food, Burgers, Breakfast, Grill, Smoked Meat, Poutine, Pizza, Pasta
Méchant Boeuf Bar-Brasserie restaurant
Opens Today at 5pm
124, rue Saint-Paul O
(514) 819-3307
$$,$$$  Bistro, Pub Food, Grill, Burgers
HOOTERS restaurant
American, Burgers, Pub Food
Multiple Locations
Maison du Jazz - Montréal (House of Jazz) restaurant
Opens Today at 6pm
2060, rue Aylmer
(514) 842-8656
$$  BBQ, Cajun, Burgers, Bistro, Pub Food, Salads
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Au Vieux Farfadet
1345, rue Fleury E
Broue Pub Brouhaha
10295, ave. Papineau
150, rue Jean-Coutu
La Cage - Brasserie sp...
2555, rue d'Annemasse
Mimi La Nuit
22, rue St-Paul E
La Réserve
6000, boul. Arthur-Sauvé
Le White Rabbit
2965, rue Picard
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1433, rue Crescent
5101, boul. St-Laurent
Madame Bovary
20, boul. de Mortagne
Bar L'Hôtel de Ville
900, rue Notre-Dame
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