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Le Pois Penché restaurant
Open Now
1230, boul. de Maisonneuve O
(514) 667-5050
$$,$$$  French, Bistro, Comfort Food, Seafood/Fish, Mussels, Tartare, Breakfast
Le Coin G restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 9am
8297, rue St Dominique
(514) 388-1914
$,$$  French, Bistro, Market, Comfort Food, Burgers, Salads, Breakfast, Tartare
Le Square restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5pm
162, rue Prince-Arthur E
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal / Rue Prince-Arthur
(514) 439-7755
$$,$$$  French, Market, Tartare
Le Bordelais restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5pm
1000, boul. Gouin O.
(514) 337-3540
$$  French, Seafood/Fish, Steakhouse, Tartare
Bonaparte restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5:30pm
443, rue St-François-Xavier
(514) 844-4368
$$,$$$  French, Breakfast, Tartare
Le Cheval De Jade restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 5pm
688, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-5233
$$$$  French, Seafood/Fish, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Market, Organic/Bio, Tartare
La Prunelle restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5:30pm
327, ave. Duluth E
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal / Avenue Duluth
(514) 849-8403
$$$  French, Market, Tartare
Le Local restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5:30pm
740, rue William
(514) 397-7737
$$$$  Bistro, French, Regional, Market, Tartare
Portovino Ristorante restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 4pm
8940, boul. Leduc
Brossard / Quartier Dix30
(450) 445-8716
$$,$$$  Italian, Seafood/Fish, Creative, French, Grill, Tartare, Mussels
La Champagnerie Bar à Sabrage restaurant
Open Now
343, rue St-Paul E
(514) 903-9343
$$,$$$  Tapas, French, Fusion, Market, Creative, International, Tartare
Le Petit Bouchon restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 11:30am
3375, ave. des Grandes Tourelles
Boisbriand / Sainte-Thérèse
(450) 435-8777
$$,$$$  French, Bistro, Regional, Tartare
Monsieur B (B pour Bistro) restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5:30pm
371, rue Villeneuve E.
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
(514) 845-6066
$$  French, Bistro, Tartare
Saveur Soleil restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5pm
1886, rue Ontario E
The Village/Centre-Sud
(438) 380-8081
$$  Caribbean, French, Sandwiches, Seafood/Fish, Creole, Mediterranean, Cajun, International, Grill, Comfort Food
O'Brûlés restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 4:30pm
4745, boul. Dagenais O.
Fabreville / Laval-Ouest
(450) 627-4700
$$  Bistro, French, Comfort Food, Market, Mussels, Vegetarian
Comptoir Lyonnais restaurant
Opens Monday at 11:30am
1393, boul. René-Lévesque E
The Village/Centre-Sud / Downtown
(514) 303-6900
$,$$  French, Bistro, Market, Tartare
Le Café du Théâtre restaurant
Open Now
6000, boul. de Rome
Quartier Dix30 / Brossard
(450) 676-2211
$$  French, Bistro, Breakfast, Tartare
Labarake Caserne à Manger restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 10am
3165, rue Rachel E
Rosemont-Petite-Patrie / Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
(514) 521-0777
$,$$  Contemporary/Modern, Regional, French, Breakfast, Tartare, Burgers
Confusion Tapas Du Monde restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5pm
1635, rue St-Denis
Latin Quarter / Rue St-Denis
(514) 288-2225
$$  French, Bistro, Tapas, Tartare
Wellington restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 6pm
3629, rue Wellington
(514) 419-1646
$$,$$$  Market, French, Tartare, Mussels
Chez Lévêque restaurant
Open Now
1030, ave. Laurier O
Outremont / Mile-End
(514) 279-7355
$$,$$$  French, Bistro, Tartare
L'Estaminet restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 10am
1340, rue Fleury E
(514) 389-0596
$,$$  Bistro, Healthy, Comfort Food, French, Market, Breakfast, Tartare
Au 917 restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5:30pm
917, rue Rachel E
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
(514) 524-0094
$$  French, Bistro, Tartare
Bistro L'interprète restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 9:30am
271, rue Notre-Dame
(450) 704-6454
$,$$  Bistro, French, Comfort Food, Grill, Burgers, Pasta, Tartare, Fish & Chips
Café Le Petit Flore restaurant
Open Now
1145, rue Fleury E
(514) 387-2640
$,$$  Bistro, French, Café, Breakfast, Sandwiches, Salads, Tartare
Viana-Sol restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5pm
5428, boul. Cousineau
Saint-Hubert / Longueuil
(450) 462-4920
$$,$$$  Portuguese, French, Seafood/Fish, Grill, Bistro, Wild Game, Tartare
La Maison Du Magret restaurant
Opens Monday at 11am
102, rue St-Antoine O
(514) 282-0008
$$,$$$  French, Contemporary/Modern, Creative, Organic/Bio, Tartare
Bidon Taverne Culinaire restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 4:30pm
35, boul Desaulniers
(450) 671-9000
$$$  Bistro, Regional, Market, Creative, French, Tartare
Bistro Tôt ou Tard restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 7am
1030, rue Cherrier
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal / The Village/Centre-Sud
(514) 564-7357
$  French, Italian, Bistro, Breakfast, Sandwiches, Burgers, Salads, Café, Mussels
Le Millen restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 10am
1185, rue Fleury E
(514) 903-0636
$$$  French, Market, Bistro
Chez Milot restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5pm
958, rue Valiquette
(450) 229-2838
$$,$$$  French, Seafood/Fish, Grill, Pasta, Tartare, Mussels
Le Passé Composé Saint-Sauveur restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 7am
90, ave. de la Gare
(450) 227-1818
$,$$  Bistro, French, Breakfast, Market
Resto-école La Relève gourmande restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 11:30am
401, rue Rigaud
Latin Quarter / Rue St-Denis
(514) 282-5161
$  French, Italian, Tartare
L'Antre Nous restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 8:30am
619, rue Principale
Sainte-Dorothée / Laval-Ouest
(450) 314-3131
$,$$  Crêpes, Bistro, French, Breakfast, Market, Vegetarian, Desserts & Sweets, Café
Le Petit Opus Café restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 6:30am
1050, rue Sherbrooke O
(514) 985-6252
$$,$$$  French, Canadian, Regional, Bistro, Tartare
Bercail restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 5pm
400, boul. Manseau
(450) 394-4604
$$$  American, French, Wild Game, International, Market
Decca77 Restaurant & Brasserie restaurant
Opens Monday at 11:30am
1077, rue Drummond
(514) 934-1077
$$$  French, Market, International, Creative, Contemporary/Modern, Tartare
Restaurant Sinclair restaurant
Open Now
414, rue St-Sulpice
(514) 284-3332
$$$  French, Market, Breakfast, Continental
Copains Gourmands restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5pm
352, rue Guillaume
Vieux Longueuil / Longueuil
(450) 928-1433
$$  French, Bistro, Regional, Tartare
Maison du Jazz - Laval (House of Jazz) restaurant
Open Now
1639, boul. de L'Avenir
Chomedey / Laval-des-Rapides
(450) 231-2943
$$,$$$  Bistro, Regional, Contemporary/Modern, Wild Game, French, Tartare
Beaver Hall restaurant
Opens Monday at 11:30am
1073, cote du Beaver Hall
Downtown / Old-Montreal/Old-Port
(514) 866-1331
$$,$$$  French, Regional, Seafood/Fish, Bistro, Tartare
Bagatelle Bistro restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 8am
4323, rue Ontario E
Hochelaga-Maisonneuve / Montreal-East
(514) 254-3838
$$,$$$  Bistro, Market, Mediterranean, Breakfast, French
Chez Lavigne restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 6pm
4280, rue Notre-Dame O
Saint-Henri / Montreal-Southwest
(514) 939-1111
$$$  Market, French, Contemporary/Modern, Tapas
Martini Grill restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 7:30am
2935, boul. de la Pinière
(450) 492-3336-ext--2
$,$$$  French, Seafood/Fish, Grill, International, Breakfast, Tartare
Circos restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 7am
380, rue Sherbrooke O.
Downtown / Quartier des Spectacles
(514) 800-8053
$$,$$$  French, Seafood/Fish, Grill, Italian, Salads, Sandwiches, Fish & Chips, Pizza, Burgers
Le Surcouf restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5:30pm
51, rue Ste-Anne
(514) 457-6699
$$,$$$  French, Creative, Tartare
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Chez Milot
958, rue Valiquette
5115, boul. Lévesque E
Le Jurançon
1028, rue St-Zotique E
150, rue Jean-Coutu
Chez Lavigne
4280, rue Notre-Dame O
206, rue Principale
400, boul. Manseau
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