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Délicieux resto tranquille servant des sushis fusion vietnamien. Ça en vaut la peine d'essayer leurs spécialités. Bon service souriant et rapide. À recommander!    by: Ryuuji  ACTIVE
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Tokyo Sushi Bar on Saint Paul Street in the heart of Old Montreal is a good place to become acquainted with Japan's most famous export, Sushi. This popular Japanese and Sushi restaurant offers a vast selection of 'fancy sushi' dishes made with fresh fish or vegetarian ingredients depending on their customers' preferences. The Tokyo Sushi Bar offers diners a Zen-like ambiance in which to enjoy their healthy, tasty meal. Tokyo SushiBar Offers more than just sushi, the menu also includes other Japanese delicacies like chicken and steak teriyaki. Table d`hôte includes a soup, entrée, main dish, coffee and dessert. Tokyo Sushi Bar boasts sliding windows that open up onto Saint Paul Street offering a great ambiance
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