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Region: Greater Montreal
Cuisine: Fish & Chips  |  Features: n/a
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Capitaine Doyle
513A, boul. Antoine Séguin
Laurentians, J7P 0E1  Map
Seafood/Fish, Regional, Fish & Chips
 $$, $$$
Capitaine Fish
1119, boul. Taschereau
South Shore, J5R 1W9  Map
Fish & Chips, Seafood/Fish, Sandwiches, Salads
Restaurant L'Ardoise
327, boul. Curé-Labelle
Laurentians, J7E 2Y2  Map
Bistro, Pub Food, Fish & Chips
 $$, $$$
Le Balthazar
195, Promenade du Centropolis
Laval, H7T 0B3  Map
Pub Food, Regional, Sandwiches, Fish & Chips
Le Mile Public House
9190, boul. Leduc, local 130
South Shore, J4Y 0L1  Map
Pub Food, Burgers, Comfort Food, Fish & Chips
Market, Regional
Dundees Deli & Bar
106, rue Ste-Anne
Montreal, H9X 1M1  Map
Grill, Seafood/Fish, Deli, Sandwiches
Burgers, Fish & Chips
 $, $$
Pub Cock n' Bull
1944, rue Ste-Catherine O.
Montreal, H3H 1M4  Map   restaurants near Guy-Concordia Guy-Concordia
Pub Food, Fish & Chips, Comfort Food, Breakfast
Multiple locations - View all addresses
Irish, Pub Food, Fish & Chips
Taverne Gaspar
89, rue de La Commune E
Montreal, H2Y 1J1  Map   restaurants near Champ-de-Mars Champ-de-Mars
Comfort Food, Pub Food, Fish & Chips, BBQ
Resto Pub Serge-Henri
1242, rue Drummond
Montreal, H3G 1V7  Map   restaurants near Bonaventure Bonaventure
Pub Food, Comfort Food, Fish & Chips, Sandwiches
Burgers, Grill
Bistro La Cervoise
3976, rue Ontario E
Montreal, H1W 1S9  Map   restaurants near Joliette Joliette
Bistro, Grill, Market, Regional
Wild Game, Crêpes, Fish & Chips, Poutine
 $, $$
Le Cerbère Resto-Pub
313, rue St-Georges
Laurentians, J7Z 5A2  Map
Irish, Regional, Bistro, Tapas
Grill, Fish & Chips
 $, $$
Le Chêne Blanc
1150A, rue Volta
South Shore, J4B 7A2  Map
Grill, Seafood/Fish, Fish & Chips, Pasta
 $, $$
Q de sac
500, ave. du Golf
South Shore, J5R 0A5  Map
Bistro, Breakfast, Market, Burgers
Grill, Sandwiches, Pasta, Fish & Chips
 $, $$
Multiple locations - View all addresses
Bistro, Pub Food, Burgers, Salads
Fish & Chips
Capitaine Pouf
300, rue Richelieu
South Shore, J3B 6Y4  Map
Fish & Chips, Grill
 $, $$
La Tornade
7546, rue Centrale
Montreal, H8P 1K3  Map
Fish & Chips, Seafood/Fish
 $, $$
Multiple locations - View all addresses
Irish, Grill, Fish & Chips, Salads
 $, $$
Annies Sur-Le-Lac
76, rue Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
Montreal, H9X 1L8  Map
American, Burgers, Fish & Chips, Sandwiches
New System BAR-B-Q
3419, Notre-Dame O
Montreal, H4C 1P3  Map   restaurants near Lionel-Groulx Lionel-Groulx
BBQ, Grill, Breakfast, Rotisserie
Poutine, Fish & Chips
Bon Matin Bon Midi
5555, boul. des Laurentides
Laval, H7K 2K4  Map
Breakfast, Fish & Chips
Chalutier M L M
1031, boul. des Laurentides
Laval, H7G 2V8  Map
Fish & Chips, Breakfast
Resto L'Antidote
Sorry, the restaurant at this address is closed.
2260, rue Fleury E
Montreal, H2B 1K6  Map   restaurants near Sauvé Sauvé
Breakfast, Canadian, Poutine, Burgers
Fish & Chips, Salads
Multiple locations - View all addresses
American, Burgers, Pub Food, Smoked Meat
Breakfast, Fish & Chips, Poutine
Fat Mardis
3035, chemin de la Chapelle
Laurentians, J8E 1E1  Map
Comfort Food, Fish & Chips, Salads, BBQ
Burgers, Creole
 $, $$
Irish Embassy Pub & Grill
1234, rue Bishop
Montreal, H3G 2E3  Map   restaurants near Guy-Concordia Guy-Concordia
Pub Food, Irish, Fish & Chips, Comfort Food
 $, $$
Fiddler's Green
1224, rue Bishop
Montreal, H3G 2E2  Map   restaurants near Guy-Concordia Guy-Concordia
Pub Food, Irish, Fish & Chips, Grill
 $, $$
Pub Victoria
698, rue Notre Dame O
Montreal, H3C 1J2  Map   restaurants near Square-Victoria Square-Victoria
Irish, Pub Food, Fish & Chips, Grill
Salads, Burgers
 $, $$
Irish Pub O'Neills
163, boul. Arthur-Sauvé
Laurentians, J7P 2G9  Map
Pub Food, Irish, Fish & Chips, Burgers
 $, $$
Multiple locations - View all addresses
Fish & Chips
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McKibbins Irish Pub
1426, rue Bishop
Pub Cock n' Bull
1944, rue Ste-Catherine O.
McKibbins Irish Pub
3036, boul. de la Gare
Capitaine Fish
1119, boul. Taschereau
La Prairie
McKibbins Irish Pub
3515, boul. St Laurent
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
Dundees Deli & Bar
106, rue Ste-Anne
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