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3449, boul. St-Laurent
 (514) 288-4777
$$$ ($30 to $45)  
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Reviews for Zante
based on 7 ratings.
  Très bon restaurant, tout était à la hauteur de nos attentes.. Très bel endroit pour 5 à 7 entre amis.    by: GuylaineHu-589  
About us...
An invitation to discover "Zante"

Over the years that we have been associated with Montreal's finest restaurants, it has been our dream to be able to welcome our friends and guests to a refined and relaxed environment to enjoy a dining experience that will leave a lasting impression. With "Zante", our dream is now a reality.

"Zante" is named for the land of our ancestors. It recalls images of
warm summer evenings, sitting Oceanside, enjoying traditional Greek cuisine, the freshest of fish and seafood, fine wine and mouth-watering fresh baked desserts.

Such evenings are among our most cherished memories. Please accept our invitation to make "Zante" one of yours.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.
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9030, boul. de l'Acadie
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