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This is my go to restaurant whenever I want to celebrate something special; I've never been disappointed with the food or the service. The staff is very friendly and they take the time to explain each dish in detail. The atmosphere is great, especially considering that the actual menu is written daily on a chalkboard, it's always interesting to see what's new. My favorite dish has to be the linguine seafood, can't go wrong with that; I would also recommend reserving around 6:00 pm being th...    by: NicolasP  
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Located in the heart of Montreal's charming Little Italy district, the Restaurant Lucca serves market-fresh Italian cuisine. Lucca specializes in a wide range of fine gourmet dishes like fresh pasta (a popular choice: seafood linguine), seafood, risotto, veal chops, filet mignon and grilled fish. Lucca details its menu on a chalkboard since the dishes change according to market availability.
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