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  Désolé, le restaurant à cette adresse est fermé.
6005, boul Henri-Bourassa O
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2.0  Cote Générale
Nombre de convives : 2  
Tried this restaurant for breakfast one morning some time ago. Service was friendly but not very experienced. I ordered a simple bacon & eggs plate. The bacon was undercooked and had to be returned. By the time I received my re-cooked bacon (that was the only bacon in the restaurant?), my eggs were stone cold. Why they chose to leave my plate to go cold while they re-cooked 4 strips of bacon is beyond me.

Overall a less than average experience. Not horrible, but not enjoyable either. Have not gone back. Many other breakfast restaurants available with better food, service and for about the same price.

This site is for people to submit their reviews of RESTAURANTS not each other's reviews.... By the way... Cera's is so "warm and inviting" they've been closed for months.
lundi, 29 juillet, 2013
5.0  Cote Générale
Recommandé pour : Brunch
Nombre de convives : 4  
I really enjoy the service but most of all the food.
I went for breakfast with my family and the food was fast and very good. The prices are great and the service is friendly and fast.
Keep it up guys, its the second time in two weeks i go back and i will keep going back.
lundi, 07 mars, 2011
5.0  Cote Générale
Recommandé pour : Brunch
I just discovered this wonderful restaurant. It used to be an old brasserie, but they have made it beautiful, so clean and family oriented. It has a very inviting feel, the staff is warm and friendly. It is family owned and operated and this is obvious. As per the food, I really love going out for breakfast especially on weekends and this has to be the best place in ville saint laurent. Everything was delicious and tastes so homemade. Try the crepes. I am definately sticking to this place for breakfast and now I want to try their mom's cooking for lunch!! Hear its great.
vendredi, 19 novembre, 2010
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