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Reviews for Villa Wellington
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  Super bon restaurant!! Tout était délicieux du début à la fin Nous avons commandé les calmars en entrée et le ceviche comme repas principale  Les desserts était tout simplement f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-q-u-e-s!!! Je vous le recommande vraiment! En plus, c’est super abordable!    by: Magalibiscuit  
About us...
Villa Wellington in Verdun serves Peruvian cuisine composed mainly of grilled meats and seafood. Sample menu: Cream of shrimp, broiled stuffed potatoes, grilled shrimps, grilled chicken breast, fish or seafood ceviche, Jalea (Platter of breaded seafood), Parihuela (large seafood soup) broiled trout, grilled lamb cutlets, vegetarian, "Canadian" dishes, crème caramel, rice pudding and cake of the day. Villa Wellington offers an excellent value for your money. The ambiance at villa Wellington is charming and traditional, the main window is filled with vines and hanging plants. The walls are filled with Peruvian hats, posters and crafts. The tables have the same brightly-coloured cloth and simple paper place mats. If you enjoy Peruvian beer, you'll be glad to know that Villa Wellington carries Cerveza Cusqueña. They also serve their famous soda drink called Inca Kola.
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