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  Food very bland and not as tasty as the price is. Button chicken was too sweet and watery.    by: s  ACTIVE
About us
RAJASTAN is an exotic Indian restaurant in the heart of the plateau. Rajastan is dedicated to bring you the very best of authentic Indian food in combination with excellent quality and professional service. Rajastan's goal is to make sure it leaves a mark on your taste buds and a unique experience that will leave you craving more of its wonderful dishes.

"There’s something about a curry that all pervasive... just the thought of it ignites a longing deep inside us, it’s the only food I can think of, where the sense of smell works so wonderfully well in memory and imagination that the mere mention of the word I sense turmeric, coriander, garlic and cumin... no other food I know gives the taste buds such a rollercoaster ride." Rick Stein, BBC
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