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Dans le Noir Montreal, Restaurant
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151, rue Ste-Catherine E
  (514) 419-6177
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Reviews for Dans le Noir
based on 286 ratings.
  Les serveurs étaient polis, la nourriture etait bonne, mais les gros groupes de 10 personnes devenaient très bruyants et lorsqu'on ne voit rien, notre ouïe est plus importante...    by: Ariane   via Libro review Dans le Noir
About us
With its moonless atmosphere, restaurant Dans le Noir isolates the senses allowing for particular attention to the palate. Come try it with the lights off.

Upon arrival at Restaurant Dans le Noir, you will be welcomed into our warm and friendly lighted lounge, where one of our helpful hosts will explain the dinner process. You will choose your dinner menu and your order will be taken. If you have any allergies, please let us know when ordering so we can adapt your menu. Also, after being seated, please remind your waiter of any allergies you may have so that they may bring you the correct plate in the dark room. This reduces the risk of any confusion that may occur. You will be asked to place all of your possessions (including bags, watches, mobile phones, lighters, or anything that projects light) into a locker.When your name is called, you will be asked come to the entrance of the dining Room, where you will be introduced to your experienced waiter. He/she will be guiding you to your table in the dark room.

All clients must follow strict security instructions, and never attempt to walk around in the Dark Dining Room alone, unless they are with a waiter.

Once you are seated at your table, you are free to order additional courses/items. You are also encouraged to converse freely with your waiter, and address him/her by their first name. Your waiter is there to help you, and he/she will be your eyes for the next two hours. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or stressed, please tell your waiter and he/she will bring you back to the lighted bar/lounge where you will be able to finish your meal.

At the end of the dinner, you will be escorted out by your waiter. We ask you to exit the darkroom carefully. After you are back in the lounge area, you are encouraged to talk about your experience. Finally, after paying your check, if you have any possessions stored in a locker, you are free to remove your belongings and leave

We hope you enjoy this unique experience, and that you will help promote the concept by urging all of your friends, family, and colleagues to join us for dinner!
Features & Details
Our House Specialties
Filet mignon marinated in Whiskey, Atlantic salmon, Gorgonzola sirloin & Surprise dish.
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* 2 services per night (1st at 5:30pm & 2nd at 8:30pm)
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