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Bring Your Own Wine - Tamashi - Pont Viau
360 Visit
"Bring your own wine!"
  1595, boul. Des Laurentides (St-Martin)
(450) 980-0298
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    $$ ($20 to $30) , $$$ ($30 to $45)  
    We accept: Master Card, Visa, Interac, Cash
    About us...
    For an unforgettable experience, this bring your own wine restaurant will provide you with an extraordinary service by an enthusiastic and devoted team, as well as an explosion of tastes thanks to its Asian Fusion fine cuisine.

    With its elegant design, a modern and laidback atmosphere, we welcome customers of all ages to enjoy themselves at our restaurant. Moreover, we have a basement filled with tatami seats which is perfect for private parties and groups.
    Other Info & Details
    Capacity: 180 + 9 tatamis
    Private Room: Equipped with 9 semi-private Tatamis that could accommodate up to 12 people.
    Our House Specialties
    Grill, Sushi
    Our Job Offers
    We currently have no job offers posted.
    11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-9:30pm
    11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-9:30pm

    Promo de Septembre

    Valide du dimanche au jeudi

    1  choix d’entrées :      Soupe WonTon

        Rouleau Impérial

        Salade Sunrise

        Kamikaze sushi en tulipe (2 mcx)

    Poulet Général Tao                                                                        22

    Poulet aux Arachides                                                                     22


    Duo Grillade (Poulet et Bœuf)                                                        22

    Pad Thaï aux crevettes                                                                  23

    Crevettes Gingembre                                                                     23

    Crevettes Tériyaki                                                                          24

    Trio Tériyaki (Poulet, bœuf et crevette)                                          26

    Fruits de mer sautés aux légumes                                                 26

     Jardin Zen 2  (Assiette de 15 morceaux de Maki et Nigiri)                27

    Dessert :    Banane avec crème glacée

                        Ananas avec crème glacée

                        Mousse aux 3 chocolats ( extra 1$ )

    Eau plate Naturizzata (750 mL) 2$

    Eau gazeuse Naturizzata (750 mL) 2$


    Bon Appétit !

    Affiliated Restaurants (1)
    Verdun/Lasalle, Montreal
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