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La Banquise Montreal, Restaurant
994, rue Rachel E.
  (514) 525-2415
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Reviews for La Banquise
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  At first I thought the portion looked really small. Not at all. I wasn't even able to finish the small plate. Actually it made me sick. I could not eat anything the day after I just felt like throwing up. The poutine was really good though but it didn't sit right in my stomach. I got the matti which has mushrooms, onion, bacon and peppers. I find it pretty expensive for the portion size. I think it's more one of those famous places you just have to go to once in your life.    by: Ruberchikken  PRO
About us
La Banquise, originally a small ice-cream shop, first opened its doors in May 1968. In fall of the same year, its founder, local fireman Pierre Barsalou, decided to transform the enterprise into a 24-hour snack bar. At the time it specialized in exceptionally good hot-dogs and great fries.

Poutine first appeared on the menu at the start of the 80s and originally just two varieties were offered, classic and Italian. However, in response to repeated requests from very satisfied customers, the restaurant’s poutine varieties quickly multiplied. Today we offer no less than 25 different types of poutine. Today, La Banquise remains a family business.

Mr. Barsalou’s youngest daughter Annie took over in the 1990s along with her partner Marc Latendresse. Together, they maintain both the tradition of quality and the excellent reputation of the La Banquise Restaurant.

In summer 2006, La Banquise underwent major renovations and a much larger dining area was made available. 40 years on, La Banquise is now much more than a simple snack bar or poutine joint. Today it is also a warm, friendly venue where customers can enjoy micro-brewery beers, a complete menu du jour and excellent breakfasts. So here’s to you, our loyal customers, the night owls, the groups of friends, the workers, students, families and more, because all of you have contributed to shaping and enriching the success story that is La Banquise today. Many, many thanks.
Features & Details
Capacity: 85
Terrace: 30 seats.
Parking: Paying parking across the street and free parking on the side street of restaurant.
We are located near Lafontaine Park. Gift Certificates available.
Our House Specialties
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Christmas Eve: hours might differ
* Breakfast: 6:30am-11am
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