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Restaurant - Le Milsa - Brossard
 (450) 904-5172
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    This restaurant has:
    "All You Can Eat Menu!"
    $$ ($20 to $30) , $$$ ($30 to $45)  
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    Master Card, Visa, AMEX, Interac, Cash
    About us...
    Welcome to our "Churrascaria"! In Brazil, the "Churrasco" is a culinary institution, holding meat in the highest esteem. Le Milsa invites you to discover this exceptional taste, prepared according to the most noble and pure of traditions.

    This voyage will take you further than the mere contents of your plate, here you will also savor the intoxicating atmosphere of Brazil. The Latin feel, the warm rustic setting. We have here all the right ingredients to ensure you a most delicious experience.

    In our kitchen, the pieces of meat are grilled on long skewers, according to a unique time honored tradition. In total, we offer 10 different specialties (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey). And if all this is not enough, our bar will happily serve you one of it's famous Caipirinhas, a typical Brazilian cocktail, made from Cachaca ( a spirit derived from the sugar cane).At the Milsa you are invited to indulge in the culinary pleasures as well as the welcoming atmosphere, whether with friends or family. Our dancers and their powerful rhythms will transform your meal into a spectacular event.

    The Churrasqueiros:

    These experts, equipped with sharpened knives, walk around the dinning area to serve, on demand, your favorite pieces of meat directly on your plate ! This will be done with the spirit of the traditionally warm Brazilian ways. In Brazil, as these Churrasqueiros constantly circulate from table to table, this type of restaurant can also be called "rodizio". This expression comes from the word "rodar" that means "turning. By means of a small card placed by your plate (red on one side and green on the other), you can directly communicate with the Churrasquieros if you desire to be served again or not. Here, we serve you as much as you wish to eat. This tantalizing voyage will be accompanied by exotic salads as well as typical Brazilian accompaniments. We hope that, following this regal meal, you will find some place to try one of our exquisite Brazilian desserts.

    Feel the warmth of Brazil in the heart of your plate !
    Features & Details
    Capacity: 300
    This restaurant has confirmed it is wheelchair accessible as required under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
    Everyday: Brazilian style exotic dancers from 8pm to 9pm.
    Our House Specialties
    Grill, Meat, Chicken
    Our Job Offers
    We currently have no job offers posted.
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    8000, boul. Leduc
    2.1Km approx.
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