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  Très bon resto ! Cuisine de qualité    by: Chantal   via Libro review Odaki Restaurant Japonais
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Come try some delicate oriental flavours in an elegant and modern ambiance. When you enter Odaki, aromas of freshly steeped green tea invite you to relax and take advantage of a refined and sophisticated culinary experience. Let yourself be tempted by their all you can eat buffet or try some selections from the à la carte menu. Odaki can accommodate any size of group and has 2 Tatami rooms for 8 and 20 people. Wonderful discoveries await you here.

Mainly attracted to its all you can eat buffet, the clientele at Odaki is satisfied by all dishes offered here. Sushi, maki, appetizers and hot dishes: the buffet has a variety of foods, all prepared from prime quality ingredients. Those with more modest appetites can enjoy the very same selection at quantities more appropriate to their needs. Moreover, nigri sushi, sashimi, hosomaki, maki, soups, salads, appetizers and brochettes are offered in a variety of aromas and flavours.

Fans of maki will be happy to discover the house specialties: Maki Odaki with Pollock, spiced tuna, smoked salmon, shrimp, caviar, avocado, cucumber and tempura; the Beauty Vicky made with salmon, tuna, tobiko, Pollock, cucumber and special sauce; the Dragon Eye made with salmon, tobiko, calamari, shallots, chef’s special sauce and lightly fried.
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