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Bring Your Own Wine - Phuket - Anjou-St-Léonard
"Bring your own wine!"
4673, rue Jarry E
 (514) 721-2888
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    4.4   Reviews (66)
    based on 66 ratings.
    The food is incredible (especially considering the price)! After eating here on numerous occasions for the past three or so years, savoring mostly staple dishes such as Pad Thai and Chicken Teriyaki, I decided to test the restaurant's menu by ordering a random dish (chicken with eggplant). The dish was spiced...    by: Toyfish  
    About us...
    Restaurant Phuket in the St-Leonard district of Montreal is not your usual Thai cuisine restaurant, this restaurant is a Fusion of Thai and Sushi and both cuisines are highly recommended. Authentic for their Thai with a unique blend of flavors, herbs and spices creating an interesting and delicious combination, and fresh and tasty for their Sushi which is now one of Phuket`s most popular choices.

    A Thai meal pleases diners with an harmony of tastes - sweet, sour, hot, spicy and salty. In a meal, all five tastes should be present. A typical Thai meal consists of an appetizer or two - perhaps hot or cold spring rolls and a salad - be it of green mango, papaya or cold beef. Soup is the well-loved Thom yum goong or seafood with coconut milk, tinged with lemongrass. There's usually a curry dish - an emerald curry or a red curry, perhaps a whole fried fish, and noodles, all served with steamed rice. For dessert, look for the delicious fried ice cream topped with honey and chocolate syrup.

    All this in a beautiful modern and traditional décor with a relaxing and cozy atmosphere that will please all of you couples, groups and families. Restaurant Phuket is a great choice for any occasion and for the ones who want to try all the different tastes of Thai cuisine and Sushi.
    Features & Details
    Capacity: 85
    Terrace: 25 seats
    Delivery: available after 5pm.
    This restaurant has confirmed it is wheelchair accessible as required under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
    Our House Specialties
    Curry, Fresh Fish, Fresh Lobster, Rice, Rolls, Shrimps, Soups, Sushi, Tempura, Vegetable dishes
    Our Job Offers
    We currently have no job offers posted.
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