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3450, rue Drummond
 (514) 288-9122
$$ ($20 to $30)  
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Reviews for Jardins SAKURA Garden
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  relaxed little sushi spot I went to for the first time since it moved from the old Katsura. Our friends are not huge sushi fans but loved the steak on their daily specials which seem to generally be good deals. They also shared a sukiyaki that they are still talking about. My date and I had an assortmentof sushi that as an ex-vancouverite I can say was all very skillfully preparded and fresh.    by: heidi007  
About us
In the heart of downtown Montreal. A relaxed, inviting & traditional atmosphere for formal or informal dining. Incredible choice & variety assures everyone will be satisfied! Large sushi bar, tatami rooms, private party room. Sakura has great Sushi and Tempura, but Agedofu and Yakitori are recommended as well.
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