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Restaurant Colbert Montreal, Restaurant
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Reviews for Restaurant Colbert
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  Vendredi le 14 Octobre 2016, Nous étions 4 filles qui avons manges à ce Restaurant que je connaissais depuis longtemps mais que ça faisait un bout de temps que je n'y étais pas allé et c'est toujours très bon, belle ambiance, la nourriture excellente nous avons pris des choses différentes, canneloni, poulet parmeggiana, et avons eu tous le même commentaire que c'était très bon. Le service était excellent, nous avons bien aimé Pasquale. Je le recommende a 100%. Denise    by: Gaudreault  
About us
Located in the Villeray/Rosemont district of Montreal, Restaurant Le Colbert has been greeting customers since 1963, this restaurant has made a great reputation on their home style Italian cooking and service. This is why the restaurant is still opened and known as one of the classic old traditional Italian restaurants in Montreal. Anyone that knows good, home style Italian food should try Restaurant Le Colbert at least once in there life.

Le Colbert lets you feast on a bountiful array of Italian specialties, great selection of pasta, pizzas, veal, grilled meats and seafood specialties that are sure to please discriminating palates. Anything from the risotto to the squid is sure to please and all of this, in an original rustic and old Europe atmosphere just like in the good old days of the first openings of Italian restaurants in Montreal. It`s as close to old-fashioned, homemade Italian cooking as you're likely to find.

This traditional establishment is equipped with 4 sections: The first section has more of an intimate and romantic atmosphere where you could be dinning in more privacy with curtains that surround each table adding more coziness; the second section has more of a traditional and cheery atmosphere in an old European style décor. The other 2 sections are private rooms that could accommodate 15 to 30 people, just the perfect size and décor for any occasion and great for private parties! The homey decor adds a charming atmosphere to all 4 dining rooms.

Dining at Le Colbert is an experience you won`t forget.
Features & Details
Capacity: 90
This restaurant has confirmed it is wheelchair accessible as required under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
3 sections of the restaurant can be converted into private rooms for 15-22 and 30 people.
Our House Specialties
Calamari, Fresh Fish, Grill, Pasta, Pizza, Seafood, Steak, Veal
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