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554, ave. Duluth E
 (514) 849-8844
$$$ ($30 to $45) , $$$$ (over $45)  
Some Features
Gluten Information: This restaurant offers Gluten Free dishes upon request.
Reviews for La Colombe
based on 32 ratings.
  Vraiment un des meilleurs restos où on peut apporter son vin à Montréal. Tout est vraiment très bon et le service est très attentif. Bravo!    by: DanielPe-682  
About us
La Colombe restaurant is located on Duluth Avenue at the corner of St-Hubert, in the Plateau of Mont-Royal, where you can enjoy refined French cuisine.

This romantic restaurant, where you can bring your own wine, offers a first class meal with North African influences. The varied menu, flavored with Moroccan spices, will please the most discerning, and is offered at a fixed price. Regardless of whether you are a family or as a couple, you will enjoy an unforgettable dining experience!

Come discover new flavors and an absolutely divine evening!
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