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1200, rue Peel
 (514) 875-1200
$ (less than $20)  
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Reviews for Café République
based on 8 ratings.
  I have been to this restaurent few times including the one Crescent street. Affordable price with delicious food. I am fanatic over their Salads (the bocconcini, tomato and spinach ). Love them. Very casual...suddenly hungry in downtown...go there.    by: Sbhuiyan10  ACTIVE
About us...
Located in the heart of Downtown Montreal on Peel Street, you'll find the unique Café Republique. This restaurant/bar/cafe serves breakfast (eggs, toast, fresh juices and of course high-quality coffee), lunch (soups and steak sandwiches on a baguette) and diner can be washed down by their selection of wines.
2 Other Location(s)
Café République
93, rue Ste-Catherine O
Café République
1429, rue Crescent
Crescent Street
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