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  2407, ave. du Mont-Royal E (Franchére)
(514) 521-6766
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My boyfriend brought me here for my 'birthday' surprise. The restaurant is decorated beautifully and the setting was very romantic. We had the privilege of watching the chef prepare our meal, as the kitchen is open to the dining area of the restaurant. The pasta was done to perfection, and I very much enjoyed their pesto, which is a homemade recipe. My boyfriend had a fliet mignon and it was very tender! The chef said he has a special process of cooking the meat which keeps all the tenderness and flavour in their meats. I ...    by: MarieSol  
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Restaurant La Buona Forchetta in Le Plateau Montreal offers authentic Italian cuisine in a friendly & Romantic atmosphere. The wine list at La Buona Forchetta is spectacular, they offer an extensive choice. Private room is available for groups (45 pers.). The specialties at La Buona Forchetta are pasta, risotto, lamb, veal, fresh fish, polenta and antipasti.
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