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Reviews for La Binerie Mont Royal
based on 9 ratings.
  un excellent resto pour découvrir la cuisine traditionnelle du Québec. Délicieux, tout est préparer sur place et en prime on peut rapporter de tout à la maison    by: Nath du plateau
About us
June 11th, 1938 Joachim Lussier is the founder and first owner of La Binerie MONT-ROYAL.

Assisted by his brother Leo, he decided that the traditional Quebec cuisine and family spirit are the pillars of the establishment. During the first 60 years, several members of their families worked at the restaurant and left their contributions and memories with the customers.

La Binerie Mont-Royal has become a culinary institution in Quebec, which is proud to offer authentic Quebec cuisine to all those who want to remember the good experiences of family meals. Memorable experiences are created for all new customers!

July 13th, 1966 Leo buys his brother's restaurant. In October of the same year, he hired a "new kid", a waiter, Fernand Groulx rapidly integrating with the Lussier family. In October 1969, Fernand weds Claire, Leo’s eldest daughter. So when Leo decided to retire - he knew that there was someone to take his place!

August 4th, 1978, after 40 years of service, Leo sells La Binerie Mont-Royal to Fernand and Claire. The two work together for over 30 years!

March 10th, 2001, the secret recipes of La Binerie Mont-Royal are given to a trio of restaurants in Quebec which brought some physical improvements to the restaurant.

In March 2002, the torch of Quebec cuisine was purchased and continued by Suzanne Touchette and Bernard Deschamps.

November 17th, 2005, Jocelyne and Philippe Brunet became the happy recipients of La Binerie Mont-Royal. They were looking for several months for a restaurant that offered food and special experience, which also had development potential.

In hopes of making a cozier restaurant, the bar and the tables are now solid maple and walls are covered with pictures of our family traditions from the great Quebec illustrator Joseph-Edmond Massicotte.

Several improvements in the menu were made and continue to be, so that the dishes offered can live up to the required quality, while respecting the authenticity of the Quebec cuisine!

They like to offer their loyal customers and the many visitors from other countries, the pleasure of enjoying traditional dishes, making sure they leave with a good memory!

Eating at La Binerie Mount Royal... is putting Quebec on your plate!

At the La Binerie, you will feel at home!
Features & Details
Capacity: 23
Our House Specialties
Our traditional Quebec cuisine, Breakfast, Baked beans, Pea soup, Shepherd's pie, Meatballs stew, Meatloaf, Black pudding, Poor Man's pudding and Sugar pie.
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